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Barrow Emanuel Bursary

Founded in 1934 with a sum of £544.68 bequeathed by Leonard Arthur Magnus, student of the College, 1896-1904

  1. A Bursary, known as the Barrow Emanuel Bursary, may be awarded when there is a vacancy.
  2. The Bursary is awarded by the Council on the recommendation of the Barrow Emanuel Committee. This Committee consists of the Dean of Students, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Dean of Social and Historical Sciences, the Education and Welfare Officer and Finance and Society Officer.
  3. The value of the Barrow Emanuel Bursary is £200 a year.
  4. Candidates must be poor male students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
  5. The award is made without examination. By the terms of the will, the criterion is to be the necessity of the student and the suitability of him in respect of his mental qualities, probable literary attainments, or generally his talents and his character.
  6. In all other respects the Regulations as to Bursary and Loan Funds apply.
  7. Further information and an application form can be found at Student Hardship Fund