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Sir Herbert Henry Bartlett Scholarship (Travel Grant)

Founded with a donation of £l0,000 by Sir Basil Bartlett in 1980 in Commemoration of Sir Herbert Henry Bartlett

  1. One or more Sir Herbert Henry Bartlett Scholarships may be awarded in each session.
  2. The Scholarships are awarded by the Council to students of Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning on the recommendation of the Bartlett Travel Awards Committee.
  3. The Scholarships are awarded for the purposes of architectural education through travel, and take the form of travel grants, the amount of which will be related to the distance travelled and includes all overseas countries.
  4. Candidates must apply through the Bartlett's Scholarships Website before 27 April, giving particulars of the purposes for which they are seeking a Scholarship, and of the place or places they intend to visit in the event of a Scholarship being awarded. Previous tenure of a Scholarship does not debar a candidate from competing on a second occasion.
  5. The applications will be considered by the Bartlett Travel Awards Committee.
  6. Successful candidates will be expected to present a report on their visits within one month of their return.
  7. Successful candidates will be notified once a decision has been reached.
  8. Awards are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations.