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Rail Strikes and Examinations- Latest AdviceĀ 

It has been announced that the Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) Union have cancelled planned strike action which was due to disrupt services on 25th and 26th May. All services will now run as normal on the above dates and there will be no impact on students travelling to examinations.


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Repeat Fees

Repeating means both re-doing the assessments and attending all the classes and seminars. A full-time repeat student pays tuition fees for the entire year again (although this can be reduced at the request of the academic department). A part-time repeat student pays tuition fees pro-rata i.e. according to the number of modules they are repeating, plus assessment re-submissions.

A part-time re-sit student does not pay tuition fees and just re-submits assessments. However, a re-sit/exam fee may be applicable (see Exams for details).


For course-unit programmes, a part-time repeat student will pay for every 0.5 course unit they repeat.

For non-course-unit programmes, a part-time repeat student will pay 50% of the full-time fee.


Part-time repeat students will pay fees based on the credit weighting of the module or modules they are repeating.

If you need assistance in calculating your part-time repeat fees, please e-mail quoting your UCL student ID number and details about the units/modules/credits you intend to repeat.

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