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Undergraduate and PGCE Student Loans for Maintenance

Student Loans for maintenance are available from the Government through Student Finance to help UK and EU undergraduate students (and students on specific Postgraduate programmes e.g. Postgraduate Certificate in Education) to assist with living costs.

The amount of loan that you can borrow will depend upon your household income and where you live whilst you study.

(For more information on loans for UK and EU postgraduates, please see our dedicated webpage)

Maintenance Loan Eligibility

The rules determining whether a student is eligible for a maintenance loan depends on both your personal circumstances and the eligibility of your course and institution. As a general rule eligibility for student finance depends on the following:

  • the place where you are ‘ordinarily resident’;
  • whether you have taken a higher education course before;
  • your age;
  • where you are studying.

For information on the eligibility requirements please visit eligibility for Student Finance

How to apply

Applying online through Student Finance is the quickest way to apply for both a maintenance loan and any of the additional support available. Once you have registered with Student Finance, you will be able to complete an application form online and manage your Student Finance account. Partners and parents can also register their details which will allow them to support any application as necessary. You will need to make a new application for each year you are studying in higher education.

Students Living in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales

Students who normally live in these areas who are intending to study anywhere in the UK will need to apply to the relevant authority within your own region.

Payment Information

Student Finance will usually pay the money directly into your bank account in three instalments, one at the start of each term. You will receive a payment schedule from Student Finance which details when your payments will be made during the academic year and tells you how you will get your money.

Useful contacts

Student Finance

Telephone: 0300 100 0607

Website: https://www.gov.uk/student-finance

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