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Late and Non-Payment of Fees

Late and Non-Payment of Fees

Students are required to settle their tuition fee account promptly and in line with the payment deadlines stated on Portico. Any enquiries, concerns or issues related to fee levels or the ability to meet payment deadlines should be raised with the Student Fees Office at the earliest opportunity. Continued non-payment of overdue tuition fees will result in the application of academic sanctions, which may include the withdrawal of specific services and facilities. In exceptional cases only, an extension to a tuition fee payment deadline may be facilitated.


Late payment of tuition fees will, as a matter of process, result in the application of a debt flag to the relevant student account on Portico. It should be noted that this will prevent a student from completing the re-enrolment process.

On receipt of full payment, the debt flag will be removed and re-enrolment can continue. Removal of a debt flag will normally take place within one working day from confirmation of receipt.

Academic sanctions (including suspension of the re-enrolment process) will not be applied to any student with a non-tuition fee debt, but students should resolve any such outstanding issues with the appropriate department at the earliest opportunity.

For the avoidance of doubt non-tuition fees include, without limitation: accommodation charges, charges for childcare services, library charges, examination and submission fees, student loans and other fines and penalties.

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