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Fee Refunds

  • Refunds will only be paid on request and are at the discretion of UCL. Whilst we attempt to administer all requests as soon as possible, during busy periods of the year, your request may take 2-3 weeks to be processed.
  • Students must not intentionally overpay their fees in order to obtain their living costs or circumvent any government regulation or restriction. Any fee payments received intended for living costs will, upon receipt of a refund request, be returned to the original sender. UCL must abide by UK money laundering laws.
  • All authorised refunds are returned to source, where source can be established. For fees that are paid by credit/debit card (either online or offline) refunds will be credited back to the card charged with the original payment.
  • UCL will not refund any shortfalls due to exchange rate fluctuations, or offer compensation for any bank or other charges incurred.
  • If a student has a recorded debt to another department, any requested fee refund may be withheld and applied to the outstanding balance.
  • In exceptional cases where a refund has to be made to a parent or a 3rd party, authorisation should be obtained from the original payer prior to the refund being processed.

Current Students / Former Students with Portico Access

Please log in to Portico and follow these instructions:

1.  Click on MyMoney

2.  Click on "Financial Statement"

3. Click on the "Tuition Fees" radio button on the left hand side of the page to bring up your Summary Fee details.

If your Tuition Fee account is in credit, and there are no outstanding sponsor invoices or debts to other UCL departments on your record, you will see a "Refund/Journal" button at the bottom of the screen. Click on this button and follow the instructions to submit a refund request. You may, as part of this process, submit UK bank details to enable us to directly refund your account. If no bank details are logged, you can expect a refund by cheque. Alternatively, you can transfer all/part of your credit balance to settle any outstanding Residences or Dean of Students fees.

Former Students without Portico Access

A refund request form can be obtained from the SC2 (Student Centre 2) in the Chadwick Building (10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday) or by emailing feesrefund@ucl.ac.uk with details of your request and your UCL student number.

Sponsor Overpayments

Overpaid fees received from external sponsors may only be refunded to the sponsoring organisation. The sponsor is required to provide their own bank or card details and should email feesrefund@ucl.ac.uk for instructions.

Overpayments from Student Finance England (Fee Loans)

Overpaid fees received by UCL direct from SFE cannot be refunded to a student. In the event of an overpayment (interruption, withdrawal etc.) the student should contact both SFE and their department/faculty for instructions and guidance. The department/faculty will confirm any registration change to SFE which will trigger a clawback of fees from UCL to SFE.

Applicants with Refused Visas

All applicants who have paid their fees and then had their Visa refused prior to the start of term will be entitled to a full refund. Please submit details of your request and your UCL student number to feesrefund@ucl.ac.uk

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