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UCL Hardship Funds – Home/EU/International students

What is it -The UCL Student Hardship Funds are available to help students who have made realistic provisions to fund their studies and have experienced unforeseen financial hardship. Applicants may be students in any Faculty and in any year of their programme of study.

Please note, some academic departments have Hardship Funds specifically for their students. You may therefore wish to contact your departmental administrator to check if any additional funds are available for you to apply for.

Who can apply – The fund is open to any student that fulfills the following criteria:

•Applicants must be enrolled in a recognised degree or diploma programme of study. Students registered on the University Preparatory Certificate in the Language Centre are eligible.

•Applicants must have paid their tuition fees in full; students on CRS will be considered on a discretionary basis.

•Applicants must have completed a minimum of one term of their current programme at UCL.

•Eligible Home students must have already been considered for the Access to Learning Fund before applying to the Student Hardship Fund.

When - Hardship Fund applications can be accepted from 22 September 2014. You can apply at any point throughout the academic year.

How – Read the Guidance Notes, then submit an Application Form and Budget Planner to the Student Funding Office.

•If you are a Home student and you have already been considered for the Access to Learning Fund (ALF) during this academic year, please complete Section B (Academic Performance) only.

•Note, you may be asked to provide up-to-date supporting documentation if your application is received more than 1 month after you applied to the Access to Learning Fund.

•Submit the form to the Student Funding Office or Student Funding, Room G19, South Wing, UCL Student & Registry Services (SRS), Bloomsbury campus.

•Please note that if an interview is required, it will be conducted by the Head of Student Funding & the Student Funding Manager. You may be asked to provide supporting evidence and should be notified of the outcome at the end of the interview.

•Awards are made in a single payment by GBP cheque only.

•Unsuccessful applications cannot be appealed.

£££- Awards are made towards maintenance costs only and up to a maximum of £1,000. Larger awards may apply in exceptional circumstances.

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