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ALF (Access to Learning Fund) - Home Students

What is it -  The Access to Learning Fund (ALF) provides discretionary financial assistance for students to help them access and remain in higher education, particularly those students who need financial help to meet costs that cannot be met from other sources of funding.

The Fund can help alleviate unexpected financial hardship and students who may be considering leaving higher education because of financial problems are particularly encouraged to apply. Students should be aware that ALF is intended to act as a safety net for those in financial difficulty rather than their main source of income.

Who can apply – Applicants for the ALF must be a ‘home student' registered on a course in one of the following categories:

•Undergraduate students - either full or part time, including part time distance learners following a higher education course, including sandwich courses and any periods of placement or study abroad.

•Graduate students - either full or part time following a course of higher education at a level above first degree.

A 'home student' is defined as a person who meets certain residency conditions (the same conditions apply to eligibility for student support, for example, a student loan). Usually this means you must have an unrestricted right to enter and remain in the UK, and you have been ordinarily resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of the course. Please refer to the ‘Guidance Notes' available to download below for more details on eligibility to apply.

The Government asks us to give priority to particularly vulnerable groups of students when deciding how to allocate the funding - for the full list, please read the Guidance Notes.

When - ALF applications can be accepted from 23 September 2013. You can apply at any point throughout the academic year, although we would encourage students to do so before the end of the third term as the fund only has limited resources. If you are an undergraduate, you must have applied for your maximum student loan entitlement and have received your first installment before submitting an application

How – Read the Guidance Notes, then submit an Application Form and Budget Planner to the Student Funding Office

£££ - Awards are made towards maintenance costs only and up to a maximum of £1,000. Larger awards may apply in exceptional circumstances.

Appeals - Any student who feels that they have reason to appeal against their ALF assessment should do so in writing to: Student Funding Manager, UCL Student & Registry Services, Room G19.

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