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Student Relationship

Please read the guidelines below before reading the document:-

UCL-Student Relationship Document Link [PDF]

The complexity of oral and written information shared with students by Universities means that there is a significant degree of uncertainty as to what defines the relationship between a University and its students, especially in terms of what a University has committed to do for its students, as well as the commitment made by a student to their University.

The intention of this document is to provide this information in a more accessible way and to make UCL's relationship with its students more transparent. UCL also considers it to be good practice in terms of helping to ensure that our existing regulations,codes of practice, etc, remain up-to-date and relevant.

UCL Union endorses this document as part of the ongoing collaboration between UCL and the Students' Union to clarify the relationship that exists while a student is studying at UCL. While in some places the document may seem overbearing or negative, all the content is drawn from policies and procedures which already exist or are either common to similar documents that exist at other institutions, or approved by the Union after extensive consultation. It should be recognised that this document exists above all to protect the student's rights, and ensure a continuous and positive relationship with UCL during their time here as a student.

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