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UCL General Statement on Data Protection

Data Protection Act 1998

UCL will process your personal data for any purposes connected with your studies, your health and safety whilst on the premises and for any other legitimate reason. After you leave UCL your data are retained as a permanent archival record for research purposes.

Some of your data will be shared with UCLU to enable it to manage your membership by communicating with you.  UCLU will only use this information for running the Union, for example communications regarding your membership rights, including for example, notice of general meetings, referenda and election of trustees, as well as information about the Union's activities.

Similarly the Union will share some of your data with the University; this will be to allow your achievements via the Union to be accredited, for example by inclusion in the Higher Education Achievement Report.

Information will also be used by the Development and Alumni Relations Office to keep you in touch with UCL and the Alumni Network, and a snapshot of your data may also be used for training purposes.  Further details about the Development and Alumni Relations Office may use your information can be viewed at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/development/operations/data_protection.

Information about you may be disclosed to other organisations as required by law, for crime prevention or detection purposes, or in order to comply with our obligations as a sponsor of migrants by the Home Office. 

Disclosures will also be made by UCL as outlined below:

(a) To sponsors, government agencies and present or potential employers. One such body is the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA); further information about the uses for which HESA processes personal data can be found on the HESA website at http://www.hesa.ac.uk/collection-notices/;

Your contact details may also be passed to the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) or its agents for the purpose of administering the national student survey, and to UCL's agents for the purpose of administering our own surveys;

(b) Where a programme of study leads to a qualification recognised by a professional body UCL will disclose relevant information to that body;

(c) Statements of student status will be provided on request to Council Tax Registration Officers;

(d) To the Student Loans Company;

(e) To debt collection agencies acting on behalf of UCL in the event that you owe money to UCL;

(f) Release of results to former schools/colleges;

(g) If you decide to make on-line payments to UCL, limited information (date of birth and student numbers) will be disclosed to UCL's service provider for validation purposes;

(h) Names will be included in pass lists.

If you are an Undergraduate Degree Student;

(i) To GradIntel, the service through which the Higher Education Achievement Record will be delivered

(j) If you do not complete your programme, to the organisers of the "Back on Course" scheme - the Open University and UCAS.

As a College of the University of London, UCL provides student personal data to the University for administration of examinations and for the award of degrees.

UCL may hold information about your ethnicity and the disability classification which you supplied to us. Ethnicity information will be used to comply with the requirements of HESA, equal opportunities legislation and UCL’s Race Equality Policy.

Disability information will be shared with relevant UCL staff in order to provide you with the best possible support for your studies.

UCL may contact you by post or by telephone, SMS or email. You have the right to opt out of receiving marketing material by contacting the sender of the communication.

UCL’s Data Protection Policy can be found at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/efd/recordsoffice/policy/data-protection/

Editor : Kathleen Nicholls