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Academic Progress and Examinations

If you fail in University or UCL examinations taken as part of your programme of study, or are reported to have persistently neglected your coursework, or have not attended lectures/seminars/tutorials, etc, to the full satisfaction of your teachers, your case will be reviewed by your Faculty Tutor. In consultation with the Heads and Tutors of the Departments concerned, your Faculty Tutor will decide what action will be taken.

In these circumstances you may be allowed to continue your programme of study without interruption, subject, if thought fit, to satisfying a further academic test; or you may be readmitted on a probationary basis for a term at a time; or you may be required to suspend your programme of study for a period of up to one session and may be readmitted after satisfactorily passing an academic test; or you may be refused readmission. You are expected to inform your Departmental or Programme Tutor about non-academic circumstances which have affected your study and academic progress and these will be considered before a final decision is made.

If you wish to appeal against a decision to refuse you readmission to UCL for academic reasons, you should first consult your Departmental or Programme Tutor or Personal Tutor or Graduate Tutor. Where you are unable to resolve your difficulties by consultation with a Tutor or Graduate Tutor, you should see your Faculty Tutor (or for laws students the Sub-Dean) who will be able to explain the procedures for review of, and appeal against, decisions relating to students' progress.

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