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Boards of Examiners and External Examiners

Boards of Examiners

Every student enrolled on taught degree, diploma and certificate programmes is assessed at the end of each year by a Board of Examiners, which decides on progression and on the final award. The Board of Examiners is made up of the UCL staff involved in setting and marking assessments (Internal Examiners) and one or more External Examiners, and is chaired by a senior member of the UCL staff.

External Examiners

External Examiners fall into two categories. Every Board of Examiners must have at least one External Examiner from an institution external to the University of London (an External Examiner). In addition to one or more External Examiners many Boards also have External Examiners from other Colleges of the University of London (Intercollegiate Examiners). External Examiners are particularly involved with final assessment. They approve examination papers, scrutinise a selection of examination scripts and may be involved in practical and oral examinations. Their role is to ensure that standards of marking are consistent between Internal Examiners and that the standard of qualification awarded is comparable with that of similar qualifications across the country. External Examiners also provide an impartial view of the conduct of the examinations. At the end of the session each External Examiner provides a report on the examinations he/she has been involved in, which is sent to UCL and considered by the relevant committees for any points needing action.

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