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Archive of News

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30 September 2013: Olympians say poor oral health is impairing performance

Many of the elite sportsmen and women who competed at the London 2012 Olympic Games had poor levels of oral health similar to those experienced by the most disadvantaged populations. 18 per cent of athletes surveyed said their oral health was having a negative impact on their performance. More...

30 September 2013: New research offers hope for parents of picky eaters

An intervention developed by UCL psychologists significantly increases consumption of fruit and vegetables commonly disliked among picky young children, new research has found.  More...

27 September 2013: UCLU Welcome Fair on Storify

The UCLU Welcome Fair saw the Wilkins Building and the Quad transformed for one of the biggest, most important events of the year.

27 September 2013: UCLU Big Volunteering Fair

The UCLU Big Volunteering Fair, the largest student volunteering fair in London, will be held on Thursday 3 October from 12-3pm in the North and South Cloisters. More...

26 September 2013: Oldest existing lizard-like fossil hints at scaly origins

The fossilised remains of a reptile closely related to lizards are the oldest yet to be discovered. More...

20 September 2013: MERS coronavirus may have transmitted from animals to humans more than once

The largest study of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) genomes to date reveals new information about how MERS-CoV is evolving, and its likely patterns of transmission. The work is published in The Lancet today.

17 September 2013: Maternal Anorexia Nervosa linked to low birth weight

A meta-analysis of more than two million women led by researchers at the UCL Institute of child Health (ICH) has revealed that women with a known history of anorexia at any point prior or during pregnancy, have babies with a lower birth weight than healthy mothers. More...

16 September 2013: UCL and Chinese students join forces to build Lego microscope

The world’s first low-cost Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) has been developed in Beijing by a group of PhD students from UCL using Lego. More...

16 September 2013: UCL Cinema Memories project on tour with Screen Machine

Dr Matt Jones (UCL History) is spending two weeks travelling the Scottish Highlands with a mobile cinema, to find out how film-goers remember and react to films from the 1960s.

13 September 2013: UK not investing enough in research into multi-drug resistant infections

A new study of the funding awarded to antimicrobial resistance research projects in the UK calls for political leadership and sustained and targeted spending More...

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