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Archive of News

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21 September 2012: UCL dementia scientists benefit from £1.5m charity funding boost

Dementia scientists at UCL are set to gain from a funding boost after Alzheimer’s Research UK committed a record amount of money to new research projects. More...

20 September 2012: Academic staff wanted to develop UCL Global Citizenship

UCL academic staff are invited to contribute to the development of an exciting new strand of undergraduate activity at UCL – the UCL Global Citizenship Programme. More...

20 September 2012: UCL YouTube channel reaches one million views

Videos on UCLTV, the university’s official YouTube channel, have now received more than one million views. More...

18 September 2012: UCL Outreach Office Announces Events to Attract Mature Students

The UCL Outreach Office has announced details of upcoming events to attract more mature students to UCL. More...

18 September 2012: Toxic protein build-up in blood shines light on fatal brain disease

A new light-based technique for measuring levels of the toxic protein that causes Huntington’s disease (HD) has been used to demonstrate that the protein builds up gradually in blood cells. Published today (17th) in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, the findings shed light on how the protein causes damage in the brain, and could be useful for monitoring the progression of HD, or testing new drugs aimed at suppressing production of the harmful protein. More...

17 September 2012: Dark energy camera records first images

Eight billion years ago, rays of light from distant galaxies began their long journey to Earth. On 12 September, that ancient starlight found its way to a mountaintop in Chile, where the newly-constructed Dark Energy Camera, the most powerful sky-mapping machine ever created, captured and recorded it for the first time. More...

14 September 2012: Watch: UCL students researching poverty reduction in Ethiopia

During the summer, 85 UCL students spent two weeks conducting research projects in Ethiopia. They recorded their experiences in the film below. More...

14 September 2012: Pan-European study confirms link between work stress and heart disease

People who have highly demanding jobs and little freedom to make decisions are 23 per cent more likely to experience a heart attack compared with their counterparts without such work stress, according to a study of nearly 200 000 people from seven European countries. More...

13 September 2012: UK’s first Cyber Security Institute to be based at UCL

A new academic research institute to improve understanding of the science behind the growing Cyber Security threat was announced today by the government. More...

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