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Archive of News

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15 July 2013: How 'obesity gene' triggers weight gain

An international team of researchers has discovered why people with a variation of the FTO gene that affects one in six of the population are 70 per cent more likely to become obese. More...

12 July 2013: 'Risky' stroke prevention procedure may be safe in some patients

A major study published today in the Lancet Neurology, funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Stroke Association, found that stenting in the carotid artery (in the neck) is as safe as carotid artery surgery at reducing stroke risk in some patients. More...

11 July 2013: Parental divorce in childhood is linked to raised inflammation in adulthood

People who experience parental divorce during childhood have higher levels of an inflammatory marker in the blood which is known to predict future health, according to new research from UCL. More...

11 July 2013: Solar tsunami used to measure Sun’s magnetic field

A solar tsunami observed by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and the Japanese Hinode spacecraft has been used to provide the first accurate estimates of the Sun's magnetic field. More...

11 July 2013: UCL volunteers help Camden introduce programming clubs in all primary schools

From September, the London Borough of Camden will be the first local authority in England to introduce computer programming clubs in all of its 41 maintained primary schools, with help from volunteers from UCL and Google. More...

11 July 2013: Combination of smoking and heavy drinking ‘speeds up cognitive decline’

The combination of smoking and heavy drinking speeds up cognitive decline, according to a new study by researchers in UCL Epidemiology & Public Health. More...

10 July 2013: Jeremy Bentham makes surprise visit to UCL Council

Jeremy Bentham was recorded as 'present but not voting' in acknowledgement of one of the most popular Bentham legends yesterday as he made a surprise appearance at Professor Sir Malcolm Grant's last ever UCL Council meeting. More...

9 July 2013: Irregular bedtimes curb young children's brain power

Going to bed at different times every night throughout early childhood seems to curb children’s brain power, according to a large, long term study by academics in the ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health at UCL. More...

8 July 2013: UCL launches new BA in Ancient Languages

UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies and UCL Greek & Latin have announced a new BA in Ancient Languages which will enable students to study an unparalleled range of ancient languages and textual traditions for the first time in the UK. More...

8 July 2013: Scientists solve titanic puzzle of popular photocatalyst

A breakthrough in our understanding of the properties of titania (titanium dioxide) - the basis of self-cleaning window technology - has been made by scientists at UCL, uncovering a decades old misunderstanding that has clouded our knowledge of how mixed phase [1] titania catalysts operate. More...

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