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Archive of News

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30 July 2013: Evolution of monogamy in humans the result of infanticide risk

The threat of infants being killed by unrelated males is the key driver of monogamy in humans and other primates.  More...

24 July 2013: Wave of blue fluorescence reveals pathway of death in worms

The final biological events in the life of a worm have been described by scientists at UCL, revealing how death spreads like a wave from cell to cell until the whole organism is dead. More...

22 July 2013: The Trappings of Trade: Osterley House reveals its gems from the East

Stunning Japanese-lacquered chests, Gujarati fabrics and fine Chinese porcelain are some of the distinctive objects displayed in a new exhibition co-curated by UCL researchers, National Trust staff and volunteers at Osterley Park and House in west London. More...

21 July 2013: Scientists transplant photoreceptors from retina grown ‘in a dish’

UCL scientists have carried out the first successful transplant of light-sensitive photoreceptor cells extracted from a synthetic retina, grown ‘in a dish’ from embryonic stem cells. More...

19 July 2013: New research to revolutionise understanding of lung cancer

Researchers at UCL and University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are involved in a landmark study to unlock the secrets of lung cancer, tracking in real time how lung tumours develop and evolve as patients receive treatment. More...

18 July 2013: UCL Archaeology uncovers amazing finds in West Sussex

Bronze Age settlements and Neolithic pottery are some of the finds made by UCL archaeologists during the construction of major new sea defences inland at Medmerry between Selsey and Bracklesham in West Sussex.  More...

18 July 2013: Bentham’s personal correspondence to be digitised for first time

Thousands of letters revealing a far more personal side of the British philosopher Jeremy Bentham and his family are set to be digitised as part of the UCL Transcribe Bentham project, uniting the entire collection of Bentham’s manuscripts for the first time since his death in 1832. More...

18 July 2013: Protein responsible for ‘bad’ blood vessel growth discovered

The discovery of a protein that encourages blood vessel growth, and especially ‘bad’ blood vessels – the kind that characterise diseases as diverse as cancer, age-related macular degeneration and rheumatoid arthritis – has been reported in the journal Nature. More...

17 July 2013: UCL and Marie Curie to establish new Chair in Palliative and End of Life Care

Marie Curie Cancer Care and UCL School of Life & Medical Sciences are pleased to announce the establishment of the first Chair of Palliative and End of Life Care at UCL, following a £3.2 million grant from the UK’s leading end of life care charity.

16 July 2013: UCL-sponsored technical college welcomes students at Open Day

Elutec, a new UCL-sponsored University Technical College aimed at students with an interest in engineering careers, is holding its first ever Open Day on 20 July. More...

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