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Archive of News

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28 February 2013: UCL scientists to be recognised at Suffrage Science event

Two UCL scientists are participating in the annual Medical Research Council event, Suffrage Science, along with 10 other leading female researchers. More...

27 February 2013: Bowel cancers reshuffle their genetic pack to cheat treatment

Bowel cancer cells missing one of three genes can rapidly reshuffle their genetic ‘pack of cards’ – the chromosomes that hold the cell’s genetic information. This reshuffling has been previously shown to render tumours more resistant to treatment. More...

27 February 2013: Alcohol consumption higher than reported in England

Alcohol consumption could be much higher than previously thought, with more than three quarters of people in England drinking in excess of the recommended daily alcohol limit, according to a new paper in the European Journal of Public Health. More...

26 February 2013: EIB and UCL to cooperate on new infrastructure finance course

The European Investment Bank and University College London have agreed to work together to support a new post-graduate course in Infrastructure Investment and Finance.

25 February 2013: Psychogenic diseases linked to abnormal brain activity

Individuals with psychogenic disease (i.e. physical illness stemming from emotional or mental stresses) have brains that function differently to people with organic diseases, according to new research from UCL and the University of Cambridge. More...

25 February 2013: Uncovering Britain’s hidden links to slavery

Historians from UCL have produced the first freely accessible database of Britons involved in slave-ownership. The resource will help people explore their family, local and regional histories, and help increase understanding about a national past that is often obscured.  More...

25 February 2013: Study questions effectiveness of genetic testing strategy for inherited high cholesterol

A substantial proportion of individuals with a clinical diagnosis of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) inherit a combination of small-effect changes in several genes (polygenic) rather than a large-effect mutation in a single gene (monogenic), according to a new paper in The Lancet. More...

22 February 2013: Collaboration points way towards improved treatment for women's cancers

UCL researchers have recently commenced an academic-industrial collaboration – EpiFemCare – to develop new methods for screening, diagnosing and personalising treatment of breast and ovarian cancers. More...

21 February 2013: Participants sought for neuropsychology research project

Healthy young people (aged 5-16 years) are wanted to take part in a UCL research project: Neuroimaging investigations of language to aid paediatric neurosurgical decision-making. More...

21 February 2013: City layout key to predicting riots

In the future police will be able to predict the spread of riots, and how they impact on cities, thanks to a new computer model.  More...

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