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Archive of News

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15 January 2013: Chemistry resolves toxic concerns about carbon nanotubes

Safety fears about carbon nanotubes, due to their structural similarity to asbestos, have been alleviated following research showing that reducing their length removes their toxic properties. More...

10 January 2013: UCL launches talent bank for graduates

Do you have an intern vacancy or a position that you would like a UCL graduate to fill? More...

9 January 2013: Chipping away at the history of plaster in sculpture and medicine

A new exhibition about plaster and the casting process, highlighting the sculpture models of the neo-classical artist John Flaxman (1755-1826), starts at the UCL Art Museum this month. More...

8 January 2013: Watch: Latest About UCL

The latest About UCL video has been uploaded to UCL's YouTube channel. More...

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