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Archive of News

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30 August 2012: UCL Honorary Graduands and Fellows 2012

A range of eminent figures will join the list of UCL Honorary Graduands and Honorary Fellows during the 2012 graduation ceremonies, held from 29 August to 6 September. More...

30 August 2012: UCL top choice for Indian Jubilee Scholarship students

UCL has topped the list of British universities selected by students from India who have been awarded Jubilee Scholarships. More...

30 August 2012: UCL Qatar welcomes first intake of 32 students

UCL Qatar’s first ever Fresher’s Week is now well under way, with 32 students from 13 different countries following a four-day induction programme before academic sessions start on Sunday 2 September.

29 August 2012: Tuning the brain: how piano tuning may cause changes to brain structure

Wellcome Trust-funded scientists at UCL have shown that working as a piano tuner may lead to changes in the structure of the memory and navigation areas of the brain. The study, published today in the Journal of Neuroscience, shows that these structural differences correlate with the number of years of experience a piano tuner has accumulated.

24 August 2012: Study reveals human drive for fairness

People will reject an offer of water, even when they are severely thirsty, if they think the offer is unfair, according to a new study by researchers at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL. The findings have important implications for understanding how we make decisions that need to balance fairness and self-interest.

23 August 2012: Can ‘serious games’ be an effective tool for workplace learning?

Researchers from UCL are analysing a serious game called TARGET to see if it could help workers develop skills such as negotiating and trust-building in the workplace.  More...

16 August 2012: Graduate Scheme Summer Schools in September

UCL Careers Service is holding two summer schools this September to assist UCL students who are interested in applying for graduate schemes.

16 August 2012: Lost letter experiment suggests wealthy London neighbourhoods are ‘more altruistic’

Neighbourhood income deprivation has a strong negative effect on altruistic behaviour when measured by a ‘lost letter’ experiment, according to new UCL research published today in PLoS One. More...

16 August 2012: Confirmation and Clearing 2012

UCL is pleased to announce that it has filled all its places for 2012 entry to its undergraduate degree programmes. More...

15 August 2012: Black belts’ white matter shows how a powerful punch comes from the brain

Brain scans have revealed distinctive features in the brain structure of karate experts, which could be linked to their ability to punch powerfully from close range. More...

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