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Archive of News

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28 December 2010: Left wing or right wing? It's written in the brain

If you listen to Radio 4's Today Programme on any given day, you'll inevitably hear a spectrum of politic views from socialist through liberal to conservative. You may find yourself agreeing with the interviewee or irked by their politics depending on your own political persuasion. More...

22 December 2010: Alzheimer’s changes detectable in healthy elderly

A team of UCL researchers, part-funded by the Alzheimer’s Research Trust, has discovered that combining spinal fluid testing with MRI scans could provide an early indication of a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

22 December 2010: Primary school children authors on science paper

A group of UK primary school children have achieved a world first by having their school science project accepted for publication in an internationally recognised peer-reviewed Royal Society journal.

21 December 2010: Photomicrographia: Invisible Worlds

UCL’s South Cloisters is hosting the exhibition ‘Photomicrographia: Invisible Worlds’ that exposes art at the microscopic level. More...

20 December 2010: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome not caused by XMRV

A virus previously thought to be associated with chronic fatigue syndrome is not the cause of the disease, a detailed study led by UCL scientists has shown.

17 December 2010: Watch: 2010 Year in Pictures

A look back at some of the most striking images from the UCL community this year. More...

17 December 2010: Listen: Celebrating student scholarships

On 14 December 2010, UCL’s newest scholarship recipients attended the annual scholarship awards reception to celebrate their achievement with fellow students, sponsors and academics.

17 December 2010: London – the tuberculosis capital of Europe

The UK is the only country in Western Europe with rising rates of tuberculosis (TB), and cases in London have increased more than 50% since 1999. Nationwide, there are now more than 9,000 cases diagnosed per year. The problem is becoming particularly acute in London, where 40% of all UK TB cases are diagnosed. More...

17 December 2010: Careers events for UCL students

UCL Careers Service will be running a series of ‘Get into…’ themed weeks, covering a variety of career areas over the coming months. More...

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