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Archive of News

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30 November 2010: Competition law: a global perspective for a global phenomenon

With the widespread adoption of competition laws around the globe, new challenges arise when competition law is transplanted in countries with varying degrees of economic development. More...

29 November 2010: Bringing Up Baby: a unique American dream of independence

Dr Peter Swaab (UCL English) has written a book about the 1938 film Bringing Up Baby as part of the BFI Film Classics series. More...

29 November 2010: Crucial sex hormones re-routed by missing molecule

A hormone responsible for the onset of puberty can end up stuck in the wrong part of the body if the nerve pathways responsible for its transport to the brain fail to develop properly, according to new research led by UCL scientists.

29 November 2010: Q&A: Helen Clark, 2010 UCL Lancet Lecturer

Isaac Ghinai and Martin Everson, presidents of UCL global health society MedSIN, let us into their conversation with Helen Clark, United Nations Development Programme Administrator, based on her Lancet Lecture that took place at UCL on 22 November.  More...

29 November 2010: LCN researchers win ‘Research Project of the Year’

Research that proves the existence of atom-sized ‘magnetic charges’ that behave and interact just like electric charges has been awarded the prize for ‘Research Project of the Year’ at the 2010 Times Higher Education Awards. More...

26 November 2010: Cassini reveals oxygen atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Rhea

A fragile atmosphere infused with oxygen and carbon-dioxide has been discovered at Saturn's moon Rhea by the Cassini-Huygens mission - the first time a spacecraft has captured direct evidence of an oxygen atmosphere at a world other than Earth. More...

25 November 2010: UCL takes science communicator award for public engagement

Steve Cross, UCL’s Head of Public Engagement, has won this year’s Joshua Phillips Award for Innovation in Science Engagement (Josh Award). More...

25 November 2010: UCL Engineering: second most citations in Europe

UCL Engineering Sciences is the second most impactful engineering faculty in Europe according to Times Higher Education. More...

24 November 2010: New Director of Human Resources

Mr Nigel Waugh has been appointed as Director of Human Resources at UCL, with effect from 17 January 2011. More...

24 November 2010: When pouched carnivores ruled the animal kingdom

Marsupial carnivores, including bizarre pouched lions, wolves, and sabretooths, were once as diverse in their appearance as their placental counterparts are today, according to new research.

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