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Archive of News

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31 October 2012: High emigration has led to better wages for many in Poland

Extensive emigration from Poland, which started in the late 1990s, has contributed to wage growth for high and intermediate skilled workers who remained in Poland. However, unskilled workers did not see any increase in wages as a consequence. These changes in wages are explained by the fact that most emigrants leaving Poland had high or intermediate levels of education. More...

30 October 2012: Breast cancer screening reduces deaths but leads to overdiagnosis

An independent panel of experts, led by Professor Sir Michael Marmot (UCL Epidemiology and Public Health), has concluded that routine breast cancer screening reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer, but also results in overdiagnosis. More...

29 October 2012: Take part in the UCL Student Barometer

All UCL students are invited to give their views to a student survey and, in doing so, have the chance to win an iPad and £1,000 in cash. More...

26 October 2012: Stuttering test could be used to screen all schoolchildren

A new model developed by UCL researchers to predict the persistence of stuttering could be used to screen all children at school age, according to new research in the Journal of Fluency Disorders.

25 October 2012: Newham Council agrees to progress with £1bn UCL Stratford proposition

UCL Stratford – UCL’s proposition to develop a new university quarter adjacent to the Olympic Park, bringing science, technology, education and research to the heart of Stratford – was formally accepted by the London Borough of Newham (LBN) at a Cabinet meeting tonight. More...

25 October 2012: Europe’s first research centre to battle birth defects

Better ways to tackle birth defects will be championed at the official launch of the Newlife Birth Defects Research Centre (BDRC) on Thursday 25 October 2012. More...

24 October 2012: Personalised feedback makes healthcare workers twice as likely to clean their hands

A major three-year trial led by researchers at UCL, in partnership with the Health Protection Agency, has shown that giving one-to-one feedback to healthcare workers makes them twice as likely to clean their hands or use soap. More...

24 October 2012: Loneliness? It’s all a state of mind

Researchers from UCL have found that lonely people have less grey matter in a part of the brain associated with decoding eye gaze and other social cues. More...

24 October 2012: Find out more about breast cancer research and treatment

Do you want to know more about UCL's pioneering research into new diagnostic methods and treatment options for breast cancer?

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