Teaching and Research

Current and Recently Completed Transnational History Doctoral Theses (selected)

  • Subterranean Bourgeois Blues: Urban Folk Music Revivalism, England and America 1945-1975
  • Between Revolution and Reform - The 1848 Hungarian National Movement and British Liberalism
  • A Cultural History of the Button
  • All that Glisters is not Gold: alchemy, colour and truth in the middle ages
  • American Foundations and the 'Scientific Study of International Relations' c.1920-1939
  • Anglo-German Relations in the British and German Armies 1689-1815
  • Cultural Transactions between Europe and Spanish America: fin-de-siècle debates on the concept of degeneration
  • Ethnicity in Viking Age England and Francia
  • European Internationalism(s), 1880-1930: Brussels as a centre for transnational cooperation
  • Female Involvement in British Medical Missions
  • Karia and Crete: a study in cultural interaction
  • Nineteenth Century British Travellers in Latin America
  • Philanthropy in Birmingham and Sydney, 1860-1914: class, gender and race
  • Representations of Ram Mohun Roy, from the Early Nineteenth Century to the Present
  • The American Way of Life: Images of the US in 19th-century Brazil
  • The American Way of Life: Images of the US in 19th-century France
  • The Cult of the Virgin Mary and the Papal Curia from the Council of Constance to the Council of Trent
  • The Domestic and Papal Court between Avignon and Rome in the Pontificate of Urban V
  • The Problem of Bodily Continuity in the Middle Ages
  • The Relationship between Anglo-American Relations, the European Recovery Programme and the British Empire
  • Thinking with Missionaries: an investigation into missionary discourses about the peoples and places they encountered in India and Southern Africa, c.1840-1910

Transnational History Postgraduate Courses Offered at UCL (illustrative list)

  • History and Theory of European Integration
  • Crisis and Future in 19th-century European Thought
  • Continental Connections: Britain and Europe and the Eighteenth Century
  • Thinking Postcolonially: Britain and Empire in the Nineteenth Century
  • The Affluent Society in International Perspective
  • Signs, Mind and Society: Early Modern Debates on Language 
  • Political Thought in Renaissance Europe
  • Identity and Power in Medieval Europe AD 500-1300
  • The Medieval Papacy
  • Infamous Writings. Controversies & Receptions in the History of Political Thought in Early Modern Europe
  • The United States and Latin America
  • Nationalism and National Identity in 20th-century Latin America
  • History, myth and nation in south-eastern Europe
  • Culture, Politics and Everyday Life in Central and Eastern Europe from Stalin to the Present: All Quiet on the Eastern Front
  • Little Hitlers? Right Radicalism in Central and Eastern Europe, 1900-1945
  • Religion in South-East Europe: From the Age of Empires to Post-Communism
  • Politics, history and society of south-eastern Europe
  • The self and the world: Theoretical approaches to travel writing
  • Cities in eastern Europe
  • Scandinavian social democracy
  • Introduction to Holocaust studies

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