Past Seminars and Speakers

7 October 2009
Peter Burke (University of Cambridge)
The European Republic of Letters, 1500-2000

Chair: Lucy Riall

11 November 2009
Katherine Fleming (New York University)
Herzl at the Akropolis-or-Big Histories, Small States:
, Israel, and the Limits of the Nation
Chair: Axel Körner

25 November 2009
Maria Todorova (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Historical legacies between Europe and the Near East

Chair: Dejan Djokic

2 December 2009
Dominic Lieven (London School of Economics)
The Napoleonic Wars: European or Global Conflict?

Chair: Stephen Lovell

20 January 2010
Maike Thier (UCL)
Yankeeism, Phylloxera and Miss Liberty:
Rethinking French Images of the United States (ca. 1848-ca. 1886)

Chair: Axel Körner

27 January 2010
Bianca Gaudenzi (Cambridge)
Commercial Advertising in Germany and Italy, 1918 – 1945

(in cooperation with the Modern Italy and German History seminars)
Chair: Stephen Gundle (Warwick)

3 February 2010
Emma de Angelis (LSE)
Eastern Europe
and European identity in the discourse of the European Parliament, 1974-2004
Chair: Dejan Djokić

17 February 2010
Catriona Kelly (Oxford)
A European City in Russia: Rethinking the History of St Petersburg

Chair: Stephen Lovell

17 March 2010
Richard Overy (Exeter) and Richard Vinen (KCL)
through a European prism
Chair: Helen Jones

27 October 2010
Pamela Ballinger (University of Michigan)
Displacing Empire: Mobility, Immobility, and the Repatriation of Italian Settlers from Libya

Chair: Christian Goeschel

10 November 2010
Antonio D'Alessandri (Roma III)
The 'Eastern Question' and France: Nationalism, Revolution and Exile after 1848-49

Chair: Mary Vincent (TBC)

24 November 2010
Peter Gatrell (Manchester)
The uses of displacement: perspectives from modern European history

Chair: Helen Jones

26 January 2011
Daniel Beer (Royal Holloway),
Personal Freedom in the House of the Dead: Exile to Siberia 1870 -1900

Chair: Stephen Lovell

9 February 2011
Maurizio Isabella (Queen Mary),
Diasporas and circulation of ideas in the era of the liberal revolutions

Chair: Axel Körner

23 February 2011
David Feldman (Birkbeck),
Migrants, Immigrants and Welfare in Modern Britain

Chair: Helen Jones

9 March 2011
Richard Clogg (Oxford),
Defining the Diaspora: The Case of the Greeks

(This seminar will be held at Goldsmiths College)
Chair: Dejan Djokic

12 October 2011
Book Presentation:
Stephen Conway (UCL)
Britain, Ireland, and Continental Europe in the Eighteenth Century. Similarities, Connections, Identities (OUP, 2011)
Discussants: Timothy Blanning (Cambridge), Ian McBride (KCL)
Chair: Axel Körner (UCL)
Venue: Senate House, First Floor, Senate Room
(Followed by a Reception in the Jessel Room)

26 October 2011
Anna von der Goltz (Cambridge) and Holger Nehring (Sheffield),
Writing the history of European protest movements since the 1960s
Chair: Mary Vincent
Venue: Stewart House, Room ST274

9 November 2011
Daniel Laqua (Northumbria) / Dina Gusejnova (Chicago/UCL),
Agents of Internationalism in Interwar Europe
Chair: Stephen Lovell / Axel Körner
Venue: Senate House, Athlone Room (Room 102)

23 November 2011
Alex Korb (Leicester) and Mary Vincent (Sheffield),
The Spanish Falange and the Croatian Ustasha - comparative perspectives
Chair: Christian Goeschel
Venue: Stewart House, Room ST274

1 February 2012 Simon Dixon,
Celebrity Monks in Late Imperial Russia
Chair: Stephen Lovell
Venue: ST274

14 March 2012
Mark Cornwall (Southampton) and Hannes Grandits (Humboldt University Berlin),
Shifting allegiances among the nationalities in the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires

Chair: Dejan Djokić
Venue: ST274
(In connection with the Centre for the Study of the Balkans, Goldsmiths)

21 March 2011
Patrick Bernard (Freiburg),
Forgotten war crimes. Italy and the ill-treatment of Allied POWs of the Second World War

Chair: Lucy Riall
Venue: ST274

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