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Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Arts and Sciences BASc Office BASCO_ART
Cristy Meadows 31313 Undergraduate Officer
EMail All
Ulrich Tiedau 33115 addr Academic Timetabler
Els Braeken 33113 addr Administrator / CMIS entry
EMail All
English Language and Literature ENGLS_ART
Anita Garfoot Deputy DA
Stephen Cadywold DA
EMail All
Centre for European Studies EURST_ART
Patrizia Oliver 37024 addr Timetabler MA Film Studies
EMail All
European Social and Political Studies EUSPS_ART
Tessa Robinson 33275
Andrew King 33707 Programme Administrator
EMail All
European Cultural Studies FRECS_ART
no contacts
Ruth Austin DC - job share
Mark Beesley 51090 Departmental Coordinator
EMail All
Seb Coxon 33097 Tutor / Also European Studies
Deborah Elm 37120 Departmental Coordinator
EMail All
Greek and Latin GRKLT_ART
Mary Moloney
Valerie Schofield 27522
Ana Higginson 25576
EMail All
Hebrew and Jewish Studies HEBRW_ART
Lia Kahn-Zajtmann 37171 Joint DA, Timetabler
Belinda Stojanovic 37171 Admin Assistant
EMail All
Centre for Intercultural Studies ICULT_ART
Patrizia Oliver 37024
EMail All
Information Studies INFST_ART
Kerstin Michaels 32107 DA, Timetabler
Ian G Evans
EMail All
Laura Mason 37784 DC - timetabler
EMail All
Centre for Languages and International Education LANIE_ART
Adam Salisbury 25488 Groups / Times
Sibylle Nalezinski
EMail All
Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry MUDIC_ART
Amy Connolly
EMail All
Philosophy PHILO_ART
Cassilda Alcobia-Murphy 33068
Ann Higginson 37116
EMail All
Scandinavian Studies SCAND_ART
Karin Charles 37176 addr DC, Timetabler
EMail All
School of European Languages Culture and Society SELCS_ART
Catherine Ballade 34368 School Manager
Els Braeken 33113 Dutch, DC team leader
Patrizia Oliver 37024 Post-grad
Joseph Taylor 33096 Admissions Officer
Alexandra Lopez 33109 Spanish and Latin American Studies
EMail All
Slade School of Fine Art SLADE_ART
no contacts
Spanish and Latin American Studies SPANS_ART
Clare Szembek
EMail All
Faculty of Built Environment
Barlett Faculty Office BARTS_BEN
Kevin Jones IT
Nick Elliott 48272 Bartlett Room Bookings
EMail All
Bartlett School of Architecture BSARC_BEN
Emer Girling 24851 Timetabler
Michelle Bush 27504 Timetabler
Chris Cutbush 24804 Portico
Luis Rego
Graeme Kennett 24680 Facilities Manager
EMail All
Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management BSCPM_BEN
Susan Anderson 27516 addr DA, Timetabling
Carol Trent 53216 DA, Timetabling
Peter Ronan 53217 Teaching admin
EMail All
Bartlett School of Graduate Studies BSGST_BEN
no contacts
Bartlett School of Planning BSPLN_BEN
Naomi Jones 28600 Deputy DA
Andrew Heath
EMail All
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis CASAN_BEN
Sonja Curtis 53876 DA
Lisa Cooper 53327 Teaching and Learning Administrator
EMail All
Development Planning Unit DEVPU_BEN
Nkenji Okpara 21117
EMail All
UCL Energy Institute ENERG_BEN
Jennifer Luk 55963 Programme Administrator
EMail All
Faculty of Brain Sciences
Faculty of Brain Sciences BRSCI_BRN
Gillian Hogg
EMail All
The Ear Institute EARIN_BRN
Rakhee Ryatt 28968 addr
Robert Heller 28966 addr
Nicholas Jacobs 28883 addr
Gordon Gillen 28968 addr
Guitta Saidi 28968 addr
EMail All
Institute of Neurology NEURO_BRN
Daniela Warr 020 3448 4740 Head of teaching and learning support
EMail All
Division of Psychology and Language Sciences PSYLA_BRN
Elizabeth Hancock
Molly Bennett
Peter Buchanan
Emma Old
Richard Jardine
Lucy Jordan 24291 Teaching and Learning Assistant
Esther Huntbach 24754 Programme Administrator
EMail All
Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Biochemical Engineering BENGN_ENG
Chanté Scheepers 37013 Data Entry, Temp
Hayley Powell 33003
Anne Wilson
Elizabeth Cullen
Kathryn Salt
Tracy Woods
EMail All
Chemical Engineering CENGN_ENG
Lazaros Papageorgiou 32563 addr Academic timetabler
Tim Elson 33821 Undergrad Tutor - Mods + Diets
Caroline Milton 37368 Senior teaching and learning administrator
Agata Blaszczyk 020 7679 3825 Teaching and Learning Administrator
EMail All
Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering CIVLG_ENG
Mark Fairweather 32740 Masters timetabler
Ewa Kedzierska 32710 DA, Undergrad Timetabler
Laura Bateman Associate Staff
Shani Crawford
EMail All
Computer Science COMPS_ENG
Jill Saunders 37290 addr DA
Nicola Alexander 37993 Timetabler
Romy Beattie 32816 Timetabler
EMail All
Electronic Engineering ELECN_ENG
Ed Romans 30054 Timetabler
EMail All
Faculty of Engineering Sciences ENGSC_ENG
John Mitchell 33281 Director, Integrated Enginnering Programme
EMail All
Geomatic Engineering GEOMN_ENG
no contacts
Managment Science and Innovation MANSC_ENG
Michelle Tinsley 51012 addr Timetabler
EMail All
Mechanical Engineering MECHN_ENG
Saffron Hutt 33678 DA
Angela Fattibene 51346 Senior teaching and learning administrator
Siobhan Fitzgerald 51346 Senior Teaching and Learning Administrator
EMail All
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering MPHBE_ENG
Mohini Nair Timetabler
EMail All
Security and Crime Science SECUR_ENG
Katherine Carter
Kirstie Hampson 53062 Administrator
Rebecca Alexander 53153 PA and Programme Administrator
Amy Clemens 53046 Center Administrator
EMail All
Office for International Affairs
Sophia Jones 0097444578676 addr Student and Research Manager
EMail All
Faculty of Laws
Gemma Burridge 21401 addr Timetabler
Jenny Young DA
Laura Parrett Post Graduate Administrator
Elizabeth Carter
Andrea Ledwig
Jennifer Austin
Jacqueline Bennett
Jane Ha
Kerry Newlyn
Lisa Penfold
Elizabeth Milner Timetabler
Keith Shore 21427 Faculty Estates Manager
Amrit Phagura
Chris Tilley 25578 Head of IT operations
Maria Diaz 020 7679 1428 Judicial Institute Manager
Philip Baker 020 7679 1478 Research Administrator
Anna Schuele 21407 Timetabler
Ann Tucker 21545 Administrator & DSO
Shiva Riahi 28850 Research Assistant
Helena Zara 21412 Dean's Team Assistant
Lydia O'Donoghue 21464 Assistant Programme Administrator
Tatjana Wingender 21430 Academic Services Office Manager
Kathryn Harvey 21404 PA to the Dean
Zoe Sinclair 21401 UG Programmes Administrator
Kerry-Anne Tarlton 21430
Sonal Yadav 21401
Jonathan Green 21412 Dean's Assistant
Patricia Wenz 21412 Dean's team Administrative Assistant
Hannah Dingwall-Jones 21425 Assistant Graduate Programme Administrator
EMail All
Faculty of Life Sciences
Helen Jefferson-Brown 32200 Joint Timetabler
EMail All
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology BIOCH_LIF
Amanda Cain 31389 Timetabler
EMail All
Kathryn Ball 31330 addr Admin Team Leader (Maternity Leave)
Heather Beasley 37169 Timetabler
EMail All
Division of Biosciences BIOSC_LIF
Emily Bellshaw 32308
Anushka Magan
Adam Wilkinson
Deborah Bartram
Glenda Young
Jennifer Todd
Marie Rutherford
Tina Bashford
Ludmila Bruger
Susan Walsh 34168
Joanna Wing 65463
EMail All
Human Communication Science HUMCS_LIF
Faisal Haque 24200 addr CMIS data entry
Mike Clarke
Anne Edmunson Course director
Judit Druks
Janet Wood Course director
EMail All
Human Sciences Office HUMSC_LIF
Jane Turner 28623 Administrator
EMail All
Language Science LANSC_LIF
Faisal Haque 24200 addr CMIS data entry
EMail All
Pharmacology PHARM_LIF
Talvinder Sihra 33296 Academic Timetabling
Tracy E Boot 33751 Timetabler, CMIS entry
Marie Rutherford 33757 Timetabler
Steve Marsh 33212 Module Organiser
Nick Clarke
EMail All
Physiology PHOLG_LIF
Richard Tunwell 33210 Academic [& Biomedical Science]
Anushka Magan 51034 Timetabler
EMail All
Phonetics & Linguistics PLING_LIF
Faisal Haque 24200 addr CMIS entry
Stefanie Anyadi 24224 DA, Timetabler
EMail All
Psychology PSYCH_LIF
Joanna M Strange 25334 DA, Timetabler U/G (Maternity Leave)
Sally Watson 32816 addr PSYCGI* (UCLIC)
Pia Horbacki 25335 PSYCGC* (CPBS)
Anna Casey 24201
Katie Kay 24205
David Newton 24202 DIV PSY&LANGSCI
Rosa Morcom 25334 Timetabler, U/G TA (Jo Strange Maternity Cover)
EMail All
Centre for the History of Medicine WELHM_LIF
Lauren Cracknell
EMail All
Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Chemistry CHEMS_MAP
Derek Tocher 24709 Portico, Academic
Robert Bell 21488 addr Timetabler, Academic
Stephen D Price
Nikolas Kaltsoyannis
Susanne Campbell
Jamila Yeboah 37000 UG administrator
EMail All
Earth Sciences EARTH_MAP
(Susie) Dur-E-Shahwar Rizvi
Mumtaz Ghafoor Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction
EMail All
MAPS Faculty Office MAPFO_MAP
Charlotte Pearce 30649 addr NATSC_MAP Administration
Donna Williamson 33359
Caroline Essex Faculty Tutor
EMail All
Mathematics MATHS_MAP
Mark Roberts 32833 addr Academic Timetabler
Natalie Milich
Raheelun Nabi
Soheni Datta
Fiona Gilloway
Sally Moore 31373 Msc Administrator
Julija Melesko
Nicola Townsend 34309 Center Manager
Aaron Cahill 32894 UG Administrator
EMail All
Natural Sciences Office NATSC_MAP
Raman Prinja 33475 Programme Director
David Tovee 33463 Faculty Tutor, timetable coordinator
Charlotte Pearce
EMail All
Physics & Astronomy PHYSA_MAP
Stan Zochowski 37038 addr Timetabler, Academic
Kate Heyworth 37778
Claire Jordan 37144 Teaching Administrator
Joanna Davies 37246 UG administrator
EMail All
Science & Technology Studies SCITS_MAP
Kate Hickson 34371 Timetabler
Jo Pearson 31328 Academic Administrator
Lori Coletti-Campbell 34371 Department Manager
Connie Ekpenyong Operations Administrator
Christina Ogunwumiju 31328
EMail All
Statistical Science STATS_MAP
Karen Leport 41881 Teaching Administrator
Jinghao Xue 41863 Academic Timetabler
Yvonne Thornhill 41872 Assistant Administrator
EMail All
Faculty of Medical Sciences
Division of Infection and Immunity INFEC_MDS
Biljana Nikolic 09343 addr Timetabler
EMail All
Faculty of Medical Sciences MDSCI_MDS
Susan Beesley 40886 Faculty Graduate Manager
EMail All
Division of Medicine MEDCN_MDS
Nicola Hawthorne Inflammation
Gemma Martin 52308 Timetabler
Carolyn Cohen 59208 Teaching Administrator
EMail All
Division of Surgery and Interventional Science SURGS_MDS
Julie Cheek #6 126 x5811 DA
Zoe Lau 46248 Teaching Administrator
EMail All
UCL Medical School UCLMS_MDS
Kate Howe 020 7288 3381
EMail All
Faculty of Population Health Sciences
Institute of Child Health CHILD_PHS
Caroline Smith 02850961281 addr Teaching Administrator
Amanda Kosinski
Angela Wade
Carole Davies
Paloma Garcia-Paredes
Ruth Harper
Danielle Dansey 020 7905 2699 Events Administrator
Magdalena Pytlarz 020 7905 2675 Events Administrator
Cristina Lai Events Co-ordinator
Claire Lister 020 7905 2232 Events Co-ordinator
Sara McCallum 02851411131 Teaching Administrator
Denise Luck 020 7905 2699 Events Administrator
Clementine Budd 42675 Events Administrator
Wendy Knowles 42650 Institute Manager
Pablo Medina
Beatrice Babirye-P'Otonya 020 7905 2699 Events Administrator
Abigail Luter 020 7905 2675 Events Administrator
EMail All
Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care EPIHC_PHS
no contacts
Division of Population Health POPUL_PHS
Lydia Clinton 52084
EMail All
Institute for Womens Health WOMEN_PHS
Angela Poulter 46050 Senior Teaching Administrator
Nadine Mogford 40839
Wendy Pereira 40839 Teaching Administrator
EMail All
School of Slavonic and East European Studies
School of Slavonic and East European Studies SSEES_SES
Maria Widdowson 28804 DA
Alexa Stewart 28775 addr UG and PG Timetabler (til July 2013)
Anastasia Barsukova 28875 PG Administrator
Charlotte Verney
Michael Kelly 28774 Programme Administrator
Sasha Aleksic 28773 Programme Administrator
Marta Kotwas 28775 PG Administrator
EMail All
Faculty of Social and Historial Sciences
Institute of the Americas AMERC_SHS
Laura Tunstall 09746 Postgraduate Administrator
EMail All
Anthropology ANTHR_SHS
Jane Turner 28623 addr
Martin O'Connor martin.o' 21040 addr Timetabler
Man Yang 28631
Jolanta Skorecka 28621 Undergraduate Coordinator
EMail All
Institute of Archeology ARCLG_SHS
Judy Medrington 24777 addr DA, Timetabler
Nicola Cockerton 24777
EMail All
Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching CALTG_SHS
Carol Massey
Peter Phillips
EMail All
Economics ECONS_SHS
Charlotte Choudhry 55000 Timetabler
Laura Rebeca Eaton 65375 Administrative Assistant/Reception
Tina Crorie 65375 Administrative Assistant
Catherine England 65385 Departmental Administrator
EMail All
Geography GEOGR_SHS
Lynn Hollyman 30531 addr timetabler
Suse Keay 30552 DA
Linda Fuller
Rouba Farah 30509 Administrative Assistant
Karina Dixon
EMail All
History of Art HARTD_SHS
Diana Dethloff 54013 addr DA
Jessica Dain 54012 addr Timetabler
Daniela Tanner Hernandez 54012 addr
EMail All
Claire Morley 31341 addr DA, Timetabler
Marlene Cox
Jasmine Gane UG Admissions & Programme Admin
Charlotte McElvaney 31340 Administrative Assistan
Emma Patten 37124 Study Abroad Administrator
EMail All
Political Science POLSC_SHS
Helen Holt 24997 addr Timetabler
Nicky Henson 24966
Lisbeth Aagaard 24965
Kayt Newman 24999
Rebecca Kevane 24981
Katerina Syriou 24999 Admin
Nicola Brodowska 24968 Administrative Assistant
EMail All
Timetable Support Team
CMIS Support
Room Bookings
EMail All
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