Scientific programme

The scientific programme for ASB6 is outlined below. A printed programme with abstracts will be available on the day, but please download the most up-to-date PDF of the conference programme including abstracts here. 

Wednesday 2 September

 09:30   Registration opens (will remain open all day)
 10:00   Ian Crawford Welcome
 Session: Mars, Part 1  Chair:  Ian Crawford  
 10:15  Sanjeev Gupta (invited) Reconstructing ancient habitable environments in Gale crater
 10:45   Elliot Sefton-Nash ExoMars 2018 rover candidate landing sites: Aram Dorsum and the Hypanis Vallis Delta
 11:00  Robert Barnes Using rover stereo-imagery to assess the habitability of ancient aqueous environments on Mars
 11:15   COFFEE
 Session: Mars, Part 2  Chair: Charles Cockell  
 11:45  Claire Cousins (invited) Using Earth-based analogues to further our exploration of Mars
 12:15  Lewis Dartnell Martian analogue samples and their spectroscopic biosignatures
 12:30   Jacqueline Campbell Detecting Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Mars
 12:45  Kevin Devine Analytical protocols for the extraction of aromatic carboxylic acids from a Mars soil analogue, containing perchlorate salts
 13:00    LUNCH
Session: Mars, Part 3  Chair: Manish Patel  
 14:00  Jane MacArthur The alteration history of a martian impact regolith NWA 811
 14:15  Wren Montgomery Organic records in impact excavated rocks on Mars
 Session: Missions/Instruments

 Chair: Manish Patel

 14:30  Charlotte Blake-Kerry Aurora national programme overview and future funding opportunities
 14:45  Gerhard Kminek (invited) Planetary protection for life detection missions
 15:15  Roy Adkin Novel Fluorescent Sensors for the Detection of Organic Molecules in Extra-Terrestrial Samples
 15:30  David Cullen CubeSat and CubeSat-like payloads for astrobiology, fundamental biology and human cell biology studies
 15:45    COFFEE
 Session: Exoplanet special / poster talks  Chair: Dave Waltham  
 16:15  Giovanna Tinetti (invited) Exoplanet special: Prospects to identify habitable environments in our Galaxy through remote sensing spectroscopy
 16:45    Poster Talks
 17:30    RECEPTION

Thursday 3 September

 09:00   ARRIVALS
 Session: Cosmochemistry / Meteorites
 Chair: Jane MacArthur  
 09:30  Serena Viti (invited) Complex organic molecules in star forming regions
 10:00  Hilary Downes

Early delivery of Carbon to the Earth under reducing conditions

 10:15  Zita Martins The amino acid and hydrocarbon contents of the Paris meteorite, the most primitive CM chondrite
 10:30   Torsten Henkel  First in-situ analysis of amino acids in the Murchison meteorite with C60-TOFSIMS
 10:45  Richard Matthewman Irradiation of organic materials in the presence of lunar minerals: can biomarkers from the early Earth survive on the Moon?
 11:00   COFFEE
 Session: Origins of life / Extremophiles / Early history of life, Part 1  Chair: Terry Kee  
 11:30  Nick Lane (invited) Clues from bioenergetics to the origin of life
 12:00  Victor Sojo On the biogenic origins of homochirality
 12:15   Alex Whicher Acetyl phosphate as the first energy currency
 12:30  David Bryant Peptide and proto-cell formation driven by the same energy currency system
 12:45  Sohan Jheeta Hypothesis: network of RNAs and their influence on life
 13:00    LUNCH
 Session: Origins of life / Extremophiles / Early history of life, Part 2  Chair: Claire Cousins  
 14:00  Lynn Rothschild (invited) Synthetic astrobiology
 14:30  Terry Kee Electrochemical assaying of membrane-organic interactions. Potential applications in astrobiology
 14:45  Lotta Purkamo Microbial community structure, activity and functionality from six different depths of deep crystalline bedrock fracture zones from Fennoscandian shield
 15:00  John Allen The evolutionary origin of oxygenic photosynthesis
 15:15  Matthew Dodd Primary vent structures and graphitic carbon in >3750Ma white smoker type hydrothermal vent deposits
 15:30  Dominic Papineau A record of Precambrian hydrothermal vents?
 15:45    COFFEE
 Session: Exoplanets  Chair: Charles Cockell  
 16:15  Marcell Tessenyi

Twinkle - a UK mission to understand exoplanet atmospheres

 16:30  William Bains

Biosignatures on super-earths with hydrogen-dominated atmospheres

 16:45  Jonti Horner

Dynamical constraints on multi-planet exoplanetary systems

 17:00  Dave Waltham Exomoons: How to find them and why they matter to Astrobiology
 17:15  Jonti Horner  The structure of the  ‘Asteroid-belt’ analogue around HR8799
 17:30    BREAK
 Public lecture  Chair: Lewis Dartnell  
 18:00  Lynn Rothschild  PUBLIC LECTURE: The search for life in the Universe

Friday 4 September

 09:00   ARRIVALS
 Session: Habitability
 Chair: Jonti Horner  
 09:30  Charles Cockell (invited) Uninhabited habitats
 10:00   Andrew Rushby The carbonate-silicate cycle on habitable exoplanets: Implications for long-term habitability
 10:15  Indranil Banik Snowball Earth & the struggle to maintain habitability: lessons for exoplanets
 10:30   Dave Waltham / Jonti Horner The Influence of Jupiter and Mars on Earth's orbital evolution
 10:45   COFFEE
 Session: ISS/HSF, Part 1  Chair: Zita Martins  
 11:15  Jean-Pierre de Vera (invited) The BIOMEX and BIOSIGN experiments on the ISS – two missions in low Earth Orbit supporting future space missions for the search for life on Mars and the icy moons
 11:45  Charlotte Blake-Kerry Principia, the International Space Station and the ELIPS programme
 12:00   Mark Huckvale Automatic Prediction of Fatigue from Speech Recordings
 12:15  Nathaniel Szewczyk NemaFlex: A microfluidic tool for phenotyping (neuro)muscular strength in space-flown C. elegans
 12:30  John Cain The human exploration of space - confronting old and new chemical risks to health


 Timothy Etheridge  

Establishing molecular mechanisms of and countermeasures to muscle decline in space

 13:00   LUNCH
 Session: ISS/HSF, Part 2  Chair: Lewis Dartnell  
 14:00  Mark Burchell Impact studies in the laboratory concerning survival of fossils hypothetically launched toward the moon
 14:15  Ian Crawford The astrobiological case for human space exploration
 Session: SETI  Chair: Lewis Dartnell  
 14:30  Alan Penny (invited) The UK SETI Research Network
 15:00  William Edmondson What can we know about life on other worlds?
 15:15  Lewis Pinault Engaging a search for non-terrestrial artefacts on the moon
 15:30  Mukesh Bhatt Astrobiology and the legal definition of life
 15:45    COFFEE
 Community session  Chair: Terry Kee  
 16:10  ASB special session Astrobiology and the Community. An Open Discussion.
 16:55  Ian Crawford  CLOSING REMARKS
 17:00    CLOSE


 Connor Brolly Are reduction spheroids signatures of microbial life?
 Mark Fox-Powell Ionic strength is a barrier to the habitability of Mars
 John Holt The Small Planetary Linear Impulse Tool, SPLIT, A New Approach to Rock Sampling
 Jonathan Horner Astrobiology at the University of Southern Queensland
 Jonathan Horner  The Instability of the 2:1 Mean Motion Resonance of Neptune
 Jonathan Horner 2001 QR322 – an update on Neptune’s first unstable Trojan companion
 Jonathan Horner The Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope (KELT): Searching for Transiting Exoplanets in the Northern and Southern Sky
 Jonathan Horner BCool and the space weather of exoplanetary systems
 Sohan Jheeta Hypothesis: network of RNAs and their influence on life
 Hanna Landenmark An Estimate of the Total DNA in the Biosphere
 Higor Mendonça De Jesus Analysis of high throughput electrochemical detection of molecular signatures based on membrane disruption behaviour
 Michaela Musilova Isolation of radiation resistant bacteria from Mars-analogue Antarctic Dry Valleys by pre-selection
 Philippe Nauny Habitability and preservation of biomarkers in Martian analogues in Chile
 Alex Price Microbial community diversity in East Antarctic gypsum deposits
 Lotta Purkamo The DeepHotMicrobe Project - crowd funding as a tool for communicating science and enhancing public engagement
 Nick Thomas Investigating preservation of molecular signatures of life in a unique Mars analogue in the arid high-altitude Chilean Altiplano
 Peter Woolman Subsurface Halophiles: An Analogue for Potential Life on Mars

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