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Selected Outputs

CPRU and SCIE have joined together to produce a range of materials to support partnership working in child protection. Cross-cutting lead for social care, Amanda Edwards, coordinated the project that focused specifically on liaison between acute paediatric and child protection services.

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Healthcare Provision Projects

Recognition of Child Maltreatment

A study of the impact of NICE guidelines on the recognition of child maltreatment using hospital administrative data

This study investigated the impact of NICE guidelines on the incidence of maltreatment-related injury admissions in children?

We aimed to determine whether the incidence of maltreatment-related injury admission has changed since publication of the NICE guidelines, specifically:

a) Validation of coding in administrative records against clinician records to determine the discriminatory value of our adversity indicators

b) Comparison of the age-specific trends of maltreatment-related injuries before and after publication of the NICE guidelines, between England and Scotland

For further information contact Ruth Gilbert.

Key Publications

Project completed February 2013

Response to Suspected Child Maltreatment

A practice enquiry to determine current arrangements to support the interface between acute paediatric services and children's child protection services regarding response to suspected child maltreatment

For further information contact: Amanda.Edwards (@) scie.org.uk

Effectiveness of Placing Children in out of Home Care

A systematic review to evaluate the evidence of effectiveness of placing children in out of home care

This is a collaboration between the CPRU and the University of Western Australia and has resulted in a review protocol being registered with Cochrane.

For further information contact Ruth Gilbert.

Randomisation to Determine out of Home Placements

A systematic review of the use of randomisation to determine out of home placements of children by criminal justice or social care services.

For further information contact Ruth Gilbert.

Partnership Working in Child Protection

Partnership working in child protection: improving liaison between acute paediatric and child protection services

Delivering child protection work across organisational and professional boundaries is challenging. The study aimed to explore the factors that support effective inter-agency working, focusing particularly on acute paediatric services and local authority social work teams. The study involved:

- a brief literature review

- a ‘Call for Practice’ using SCIE’s established methodology to identify practice examples

- an online survey of acute trusts

- qualitative case studies.

For further information contact: Jane.Lewis (@) scie.org.uk

Project completed December 2012

Children's use of GP and hospital services

How does use of GP services by children and their parents affect children’s use of hospital services; a mixed methods study using administrative data?

The growing use of hospital services by children, particularly infants, represents a major policy problem because of the high costs involved. The solution is assumed to be better access to primary care and improved working between GPs and hospitals, although evidence in support of this has been lacking. Which types of families need better access, and what sort of support or service configuration would improve outcomes for children and reduce their use of hospitals is not known. 

Newly developed linkage between primary care clinical databases and hospital administrative data make it possible to examine associations between the type and timing of primary care consultations and hospital care. Because these data are based on longitudinal records for individual children and their parents in both sectors, it is possible to characterise different groups of families, based on information about their diagnoses, procedures and treatment. 

To compliment the analyses of administrative data, we also aim to gain an in-depth understanding of how some area in England have attempted to improve working between primary and secondary care in order to reduce hospital use by children. This part of the study will use interviews with families and health professionals.

For more information contact: Ruth Gilbert.

Impact of a shaking baby video

The impact of a shaking baby video produced by the NSPCC on head injuries in 18 hospitals

This small before and after study, will build on the work on the use of routine data to capture maltreatment-related injury admissions. The study will assess the impact of a video to reduce head injuries caused by shaking using data on NHS admissions in England, Wales and Scotland.

The project will be carried out in partnership with NSPCC.

For further information contact Ruth Gilbert.

Prognostic outcomes of adolescents

Prognostic outcomes of adolescents admitted for injury related to victimisation, self-harm, or drug or alcohol misuse

The study will build on our previous analyses of hospital administrative data for the NHS in England to determine outcomes (eg: mortality, unplanned admission) up to age 30 years.

For further information contact Ruth Gilbert

GP responses to child maltreatment

Systematic reviews of policy and interventions relating to GP responses to child maltreatment

This one year project involves a policy review for the four UK countries, a systematic review of interventions mediated by GPs, and a survey of practitioners and stakeholders regarding feasibility and acceptability of GP interventions.  

For further information contact Ruth Gilbert

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