Theme Lead: Sarah Edwards

CPJH research includes a wide range of topics in bioethics, including research ethics, the role and limits of consent, the justifiability of paternalism, and mental capacity. Bioethics conferences we have organised include Autism, Ethics and Society (2010), Research Ethics Committees - Help or Hindrance?, Neuroethics (2009), and New Directions in Bioethics (2009). Areas of current specialisation include research ethics and mental capacity.

Mental Capacity

Jillian Craigie’s Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship in Biomedical Ethics, “Agency, mental capacity and criminal responsibility in mental disorder” provides a comparative analysis of justifications for the features of mental disorder taken into account in determinations of capacity and culpability in English law. This project forms the basis of the Research in Philosophy, Justice and Health seminar for Autumn 2012, and two workshops on Revisiting 'capacity' in light of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.