Dr Shepley Orr

Shepley Orr

Shepley Orr is a Senior Research Fellow at University College London, in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, in the Centre for Transport Studies. 

He is completing a doctorate in sociology at Oxford University, and was a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Economics at the University of East Anglia for three years before moving to UCL. 

His research interests include the relationship between political philosophy and economic policy, measuring and benefits for purposes of public policy, and philosophical and experimental approaches in decision theory.

His current research project concerns the measurement and comparison of benefits across government sectors for purposes of cost-benefit analysis, and the weighting of benefits based on ethical considerations.

He is currently, with Jonathan Wolff, advising an inter-departmental government committee on the valuation of life and health.

Selected Papers and Publications:

Loomes, G., S.W. Orr and R. Sugden. (2008). “Taste Uncertainty and Status Quo Effects in Consumer Choice.” Currently under Review.

Orr, S.W. (2007). “Values, Preferences, and the Citizen-Consumer Distinction in Cost-Benefit Analysis”, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, 6:107- 129.

Orr, S.W. (2007). “Review of The Methodology of Experimental Economics, by F. Guala”, Economics and Philosophy, 22: 401-7

Orr, S.W. (2001). “The Economics of Shame in Work Groups: How Mutual Monitoring can Crowd Out Cooperation”, Kyklos, 54: 49-66.