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Sickle Cell Anaemia. . EM Unit, UCL Medical School, Royal Free Campus, Wellcome Images. This image shows 2 red blood cells, the one in front is displaying the characteristic "sickle-shape" (a flattened 'C' shape) common to the disease.

MA Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health

This unique programme equips students to play an informed role in debates concerning distributive justice and health. It explores the central ethical, economic and political problems facing health policy in the UK and abroad, especially in relation to social justice. The course covers relevant areas of moral and political theory, economics, and political and historical analysis. Find out more, and how to apply, here.

New for 2016-17: MA Health Humanities

This new programme explores the place of health and illness in society, and how methods from the humanities and social studies may be brought to bear on biomedicine, clinical practice, the politics of health care, and experiences and portrayals of health and illness in literature, film and contemporary culture. It will enable students to approach such issues from a variety of a disciplines, including anthropology, history, philosophy, sociology, science and technology studies, global health, literature and film studies, and to work in an interdisciplinary manner. Find out more, and how to apply, here.