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The CORE Study


CORE stands for Crisis resolution team Optimisation and RElapse prevention. 

This is a National Institute of Health Research funded programme directed by Professor Sonia Johnson (UCL), and managed by Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust. The research team are mainly based in the Health Services and clinical research Department of the UCL Division of Psychiatry. The study will run from 2011-2016, and its aim is to improve the standard of support offered to users of Crisis Resolution Teams (CRTs), through the two following projects:  

  • The development of an evidence base to optimise the functioning of CRTs (Workstream 1)
  • The development and testing of a peer-delivered self-management intervention to bridge the gap between crisis and continuing care (Workstream 2)

For more information about the overall study and current CRT provision please go to About (which also includes details of funding and the people involved with the study). For more information about the individual projects please go to the Workstream pages, and for the current findings of the study please see Publications and Conference Abstracts. Service users and carers have been closely involved in the design and implementation of the entire study, and for more details see Public Involvement.

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