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Case studies

Cities Changing Diabetes – how UCL is helping combat urban diabetes

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Urban Diabetes

The rise of diabetes is one of the world’s most serious health challenges. It's reckoned that by 2040 more than half a billion people will suffer from it. This startling increase has its roots in a number of causes, from rising wealth and increasing consumption to more sedentary lifestyles and inequality of access to health care.

A new university, a new collaboration in medical education

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New Giza

In October 2016, New Giza University (NGU) opened its doors 'creating an extraordinary youthful environment filled with energy, talent, and cultural diversity that redefines the future Egypt, a vibrant community of world class interdisciplinary researchers, professors, and students that foster excellence and encourages innovation.'

Creating the UK's largest data display for the London Transport Museum

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UCL CASA/LTM 'Connections' display

In 2010, at the Techonomy Conference in the USA, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, 'Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.'   Today, it's reckoned that 90% of the data in the world was created in the last two years. 

Helping the maritime industry in its low carbon transition

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IMO Shipping

As the industry that physically delivers around 90 per cent of the products we use in our lives, shipping is a key driver of the world’s economic engine. 

Research into rare disorder wins Senior UCL Lecturer prestigious award

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Research into rare disorder wins Senior UCL lecturer prestigious award

Pompe disease is probably not a disorder you're over familiar with. That's because although it's found in both genders and people of all ages, with numbers of sufferers varying among different ethnic groups, it's reckoned that the chance of being born with Pompe are only around one in 40,000.

UCL launches neuromarketing course: educating the marketing industry on how to avoid bad science

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Neuromarketing Brain image

Neuromarketing (sometimes called consumer neuroscience) has become a hot topic in recent years. However, what it can and can't measure is often clouded in hype, and some marketing agencies may be exaggerating what they can do in this field. UCL's new neuromarketing workshop aims to address this issue.

Mapping the People of Scotland

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We're living in the age of 'Big Data.' The information bank gathered by everything from social media services to mobile phones is so large that the usual processing applications can't cope. The challenge is to discover the most effective and efficient ways to analyse, share, understand and extract value from it all.

Performance under stress

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Performance under stress

Performance under stress is a make-or-break skill in the modern world. It makes the difference in everyone’s life, from daily driving through to managing our workloads. Extreme sports athletes must be masters of this skill, as they make snap decisions under death-defying conditions and while pushing their bodies to the limit.

Post-licensing use of antiretroviral drugs in HIV-positive people 

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UCL working with the Centre for Health & Infectious Disease Research (CHIP)

Helping to identify patients with ALK-positive lung cancers - Novartis/UK NEQAS case study

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Today immunocytochemistry (IHC) is routinely used for the diagnoses and prognosis of a number of diseases, including cancers.

Taking new steps with the London Implant Retrieval Centre

Publication date:

Hip replacement

Shaping the future of hip replacement surgery

Metal on Metal (MOM) hip replacements were globally popular. Since they were pioneered in 1997, more than 1.5 million have been undertaken, including over 100,000 in the UK alone. 

Expert Witness - Professor David Balding

Publication date:

Professor David Balding

'Genetic evidence makes all the difference' 

DNA evidence has been used in the criminal justice field for several decades, but in recent years, much smaller and more degraded samples have been able to be used for DNA profiling. UCL's Professor David Balding is the Chair in Statistical Genetics at the Genetics Institute and a pioneer in this breakthrough technique. 

UCL help to evaluate London's first PassivHaus

Publication date:

Ranulf Road PassivHauf

Climate change and spiralling energy costs have made saving energy to help save money and, quite possibly, the planet, imperative – which makes UCL’s involvement in the deep building performance evaluation (BPE) study on London’s first Passivhaus in Camden all the more timely.

UCL industry partnership advances telecommunications

Publication date:

Polina Bayvel

When global telecommunications company Huawei contacted UCL about a partnership, Polina Bayvel, Professor of Optical Communications and Networks at the UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, knew the benefits could be huge.

UCL Consultants enable the creation of new top-level web domains

Publication date:

Asian woman using a laptop

UCL Consultants brokered partnership between UCL and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to open up new ways of using the Internet.

A new framework to maximise children's life chances in the UK

Publication date:

Happy children

UCL Consultants, UCL Institute of Health Equality and 4Children work to improve child development in the UK

Shaping the train and Underground experience of the future

Publication date:

Illustration of new tube train

UCL scientists worked with London Underground to help with experimental designs for a new generation of trains.

The Vodafone Booster Brolly: a cure for the summertime blues

Publication date:


An integrated umbrella, mobile phone charger and mobile signal booster, developed by Dr Kenneth Tong with the support of UCL Consultants.

Changing perceptions of climate change in Latin America

Publication date:

Traffic in Peru

UCL Consultants negotiates partnership with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to help Peru develop a low carbon transport strategy.

Crime science masterclasses enhance community safety

Publication date:


UCL Consultants helped negotiate terms with the North Wales Police for a study that enhances crime analysis and mapping.

Understanding gender-based violence in Nepal: a qualitative tracking study

Publication date:

UCL Consultants helped Sarah Hawkes from the UCL Institute of Global Health research gender-based violence in Nepal, leading to policy recommendations for the Nepalese government and its development partners.

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