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Testing and Analysis Services

We can provide companies of all sizes with access to UCL’s world-class equipment and facilities, along with a range of testing and analysis services.

You can use UCL’s facilities in conjunction with leading academic expertise, or independently – whichever is right for your project. 

Our services reflect the breadth and depth of UCL’s research capabilities and are available in the areas of Life & Medical Sciences and Engineering & Physical Sciences.

Life & Medical Sciences

The Institute of Ophthalmology

Offers world-class imaging facilities.

UCL Cancer Institute clinical research facilities

  • GMP facility
  • ECMC GCLP facilities
  • Gene therapy unit.

Institute of Child Health laboratories

Offer a range of facilities, such as confocal microscopy and gene microarray analysis. 

School of Pharmacy Research Services

Research Services are managed by professional staff who provide a range of analytical facilities such as confocal and electron microscopy, CHN Elemental Microanalysis, HPLC and Water Determination by Karl Fischer, Mass Spectrometry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Tissue Access for Patient Benefit

A human tissue provision and utilisation service for academic and commercial researchers.

Cell and Development Biology

Confocal Imaging equipment.

The Eastman Dental Institute

UCL Eastman Dental Institute offers a wide range of materials and cell characterisation facilities. We are happy to discuss collaborative research measurements with both internal and external users.

Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL)

Offers a wide range of specialist facilities designed designed to meet ESA, NASA or other space agencies’ standards and requirements. In addition to test facilities, MSSL also has cleanrooms providing environmentally controlled areas for space flight hardware assembly, integration and test.

London Centre for Nano Technology

Offers access to a wide range of leading-edge facilities such as Atomic Force Microscopy and cleanrooms.

Virtual Reality Laboratory (the CAVE)

A four-sided projection system within a 3m square room, used for research into virtual environments.

Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering

Offers large-scale bioprocessing facilities.

Pedestrian Accessibility Movement Environment Laboratory

Helps understand how people interact with the environment and thus how to use better design to mitigate some of the problems people encounter as they move around.

Molecular Beam Epitaxy

An advanced, ultra-high-vacuum facility to make compound materials with great precision and purity.

Anechoic Chamber

A spherical near field antenna measurement facility.

Fuel System Test Facility

Includes wave and flume tanks, expanded laboratory space and a newly added rotating tank.

The Bartlett - facilities for building design

  • Lighting simulator - aids comparative lighting studies at the earliest stages in the design of buildings.
  • A thermal studies laboratory
  • Heritage Science laboratory - provides state-of-the-art portable and bench-top instrumentation for material and environmental research.

Cardiovascular engineering laboratory

Laboratory dedicated to the testing and assessing prosthetic heart valves

UCL Research Equipment Catalogue

This catalogue details all of the major research equipment and facilities at UCL. Many items are available for the general public to browse through. Note: only people with a UCL username and password can view the whole catalogue.

UCL Research Equipment Catalogue

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