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Dr Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O'Brien

Dr Patrick O'Brien

  • Position: Research Associate
  • Room:B.12
  • Building: 29-30 Tavistock Square
  • Telephone:0207 679 4976
  • Email:

Patrick joined the Constitution Unit in January 2011 to work on the project on The Politics of Judicial Independence. He completed his doctoral thesis on The Democratic Objection to Judicial Review at St. John's College Oxford and also holds a BCL from Oxford and an LLB from Trinity College Dublin. He qualified as a barrister in Ireland in 2006.


  • Review article (with Ben Yong): 'Constitutional Systems of the World: Problems of Perspective in Comparative Constitutionalism' (2012) 10 Political Studies Review 359
  • Review: 'From House of Lords to Supreme Court' [2012] PL 592
  • 'Judicial Independence and the UK Supreme Court' (2011) 6/3 British Politics Review 5.
  • 'Judges as Tribunes: Judicial Review as a Democratic Institution', Paper for the Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group, February 2011.
  • 'Democracy, Moral Certainty and Judicial Review', Paper for 2010 SLS Conference, September 2010.
  • 'The Democratic Objection to Judicial Review', Paper for Irish Jurisprudence Society, April 2010.
  • 'Politics by Another Name', Paper for Trinity College Dublin Law Student Colloquium 2010.
  • 'Gender Equality and the Constitutional Guarantee of Equality: A Comparative Study' (2007) 15 ISLR 9.
  • Review: 'Necessity, Proportionality and the Use of Force by States' (2005) 121 LQR 518.

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