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Leverhulme early career fellowships

The Constitution Unit would like to encourage applications from top-quality candidates for Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships via the UCL Department of Political Science/School of Public Policy. The selection process will be highly competitive, with successful candidates demonstrating a very strong academic track record, and a strong research proposal. We would particularly like to encourage applications in the fields of parliaments and parliamentary reform, referendums, elections and electoral reform, parties and candidates, devolution and territorial politics (the latter particularly in the UK).

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New leadership for the Constitution Unit

Today marks an important transition for UCL's Constitution Unit, as its founding Director, Professor Robert Hazell, steps down after more than 20 years of service. The Unit's new Director is Professor Meg Russell, who joined the Unit in 1998 and was previously its Deputy Director. The new Deputy Director is Dr Alan Renwick, who joined UCL in September from the University of Reading.

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New Publication: The Constitutional Standards of the House of Lords Constitution Committee: Second Edition

Today the Constitution Unit, with the support of the Constitution Society, is publishing the second edition of The Constitutional Standards of the House of Lords Constitution Committee. The report, by Jack Simson Caird, Robert Hazell and Dawn Oliver, contains a code of 140 constitutional standards, covering five areas: the rule of law, delegated powers, the separation of powers, individual rights and parliamentary procedure. The second edition extracts and codifies standards from all 168 reports of the House of Lords’ Constitution Committee published from its inception in 2001 to the end of the 2010-2015 Parliament.

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Meg Russell comments on next steps for House of Lords reform

Meg Russell comments on the next steps for House of Lords reform in the press in light of Lord Sewel's resignation from the House of Lords and the upcoming House of Lords reform in the press in light of Lord Sewel's resignation from the House of Lords and the upcoming appointments by David Cameron.

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Press Release: Reassessing the Lords: a major new study

The Constitution Unit announces the publication of a major study on the House of Lords by its Deputy Director Meg Russell - the leading authority on the subject. The Contemporary House of Lords, published this week by Oxford University Press, provides an up-to-date and readable examination of the chamber since its reform in 1999, and in doing so challenges many common myths.

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New Constitution Unit Website

We are pleased to present a brand new Constitution Unit website. We’ve been developing the site over the last few months to make our information more accessible to users. It’s a big improvement and we hope you enjoy exploring it.

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