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Forthcoming Events

Distinguished external speakers that form a unique part of our teaching programme

The SPP Policy and Practice Seminar Series includes presentations of scholarly research and talks by high-profile policy makers, practitioners and academics.  They take place on Thursdays between 5.30pm and 7pm during term time, starting on the 2nd of October. These are public events: all students and the general public are welcome to attend. The seminars are followed by drinks reception until 9pm.

2014/15 Policy and Practice Seminar Series

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2 October '14

Dr Michael Shackleton (University of Maastricht)

Dr Simon Usherwood (University of Surrey)

Paola Buonadonna (Media Director - British Influence)

'EU 2014-2019: New Faces - Old Problems?'

Watch the video here.

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grant POLICY
9 October '14
Sir Malcolm Grant (Chairman of NHS England)

'Liberating the NHS: the creation of NHS England'

Watch the video here.

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Russell PnP
16 October '14
Professor Meg Russell (UCL)
Professor Tony Wright (UCL)
'After the Scottish Referendum: what about England?' - Tony Wright and Meg Russell in conversation.
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Alan Moses
23  October '14

Sir Alan Moses (Chairman of IPSO) 

Dr Martin Moore (Director of Media Standards Trust)

'Can Press Regulation by the Independent Press Standards Organisation succeed?'
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Popovic PnP
30 October '14
Srdja Popovic (Executive Director - CANVAS)  'Non-violent movements from Arab Street to Wall Street - how popular movements are shaking the world'
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Aaronovitch 6 November '14  David Aaronovitch (Author, Journalist) / Donatella Della Porta (Professor of Sociology)  'The Blurred Lines of Democracy: Protest and Disobedience in Civil Societies' Register for this event
Stoker PnP
13 November '14
Professor Gerry Stoker  
'Explaining political disenchantment in contemporary democracies'  
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Marshall 20 November '14
George Marshall 
'Don't Even Think About It: Are our Brains Wired to Ignore Climate Change?'  Register for this event

keith POLICY
27 November '14
Judge Kenneth Keith (International Court of Justice) 'Challenges facing the International Court of Justice: The reflections of a Judge as he leaves office'  Register for this event

hazell POLICY
4 December '14

Bernand Quoroll (Former UK Returning Officer and Elections Observer)

Colin Munro CMG (Ambassador and UK Permanent Representative to the OSCE 2003-2007) 

'Helping citizens to save themselves: why election observation matters' Register for this event

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lawcom 28 January 2015, 1pm
Nicholas Paines QC & Henni Ouahes (Law Commission) Reforming Electoral Law Register for this event

All the Political Theory Seminars are from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm and will be held in the Council Room, School of Public Policy, UCL, 29 Tavistock Square, London WC1.

MA in Legal and Political Theory students will be issued with the seminar paper as soon as it is available (usually around a week before the seminar). Papers may also be downloaded from the PAL page on Moodle and from the SPP website below.

More information about Legal and Political Theory at UCL here. 

2014/15 Legal and Political Theory Seminar Series
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brownlee LPT Wednesday, 8th October '14
Kimberley Brownlee (Warwick) 'The competent judge problem'
Download the paper here
freyenhagen LPT Wednesday, 22nd October '14
Fabian Freyenhagen (Essex) 'The ideal-theoretical framework rests on a mistake'
Download the paper here
Howard LPT Hor Wednesday, 29th October '14
Jeff Howard (Essex) 'Kidnapped: The ethics of paying ransom'
Download the paper here
chambers LPT 12th November '14
Clare Chambers (Cambridge) 'The limitations of contract: Regulating relationships in the marriage-free state'
Download the paper here
  Wednesday, 3rd December '14 Leif Wenar (KCL) 'Unity Theory' Download the paper here
Beerbohm pic Wednesday, 10th December '14
Eric Beerbohm (Harvard) 'The Common Good: A Buckpassing Account'
Download the paper here

This lecture series showcases the work of prominent international scholars in the study of religion and political theory. It is organised by UCL’s Religion and Political Theory (RAPT) Centre. It is open to all.

Unless otherwise stated, all lectures take place are at 5pm, and will be held in the Council Room, School of Public Policy, The Rubin Building, 29-30 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9QU. 

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Sullivan RAPT 24 September '14
Professor Winnifred Sullivan
'Spiritual Governance: The Chaplain as Priest of the Secular'
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Caplan RAPT 30 October '14
Professor Ben Kaplan (UCL)
'Religious Divisions after the Reformation: A Spur to Secularization?'
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Malik RAPT 4 December '14
Professor Maleiha Malik (Kings College)
'Equality and Discrimination Law: What has Religious Conscience got to do with it?'
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  3 February '15
Professor Jim Beckford (Warwick)
To be confirmed  
Modood RAPT 3 March '15
Professor Tariq Modood (Bristol)
'Multiculturalising Secularism, Multiculturalising State-Religion Connections'
  24 March '15
Professor Lindas Woodhead (Lancaster)
To be confirmed
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