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Autumn Internship applications are open

17 July 2014

Deadline: 20 August 2014

An internship at the Constitution Unit is an ideal way for recent graduates to gain experience of work in a think tank which is also an academic research centre, and to do research which is linked to policy. Past interns have included students in their holidays, postgraduates thinking about continuing their studies to Masters or PhD level, and civil and public servants who work for us part-time or on secondment.

Value & Benefits

Each intern is assigned to one of our researchers to assist them with a single project throughout their three months internship. This gives interns the opportunity to build a close working relationship with their supervisor, get a real feel for the day-to-day process of academic research, give the intern’s research skills a more practical edge and to have real responsibility and independence over their task.

The work is varied and will be assigned to reflect peoples skills and areas of interest. We very much value the work done by our interns and they are treated as full members of our small and friendly team. We invite the interns to come to our team meetings, contribute to our publications, newsletter and blog, and the whole team work together to organise our regular events and seminars. They get a real taste of what academic and policy research is like, and make an important contribution to our research projects. In return we will provide interns with extra skills, careers advice, and a reference for when they leave.

Duration & Expenses

We advertise for the Internships quarterly and they last for three months, full or part time, and we are flexible in working hours. We ask our interns to volunteer a minimum of 3 days. The positions are voluntary, but the Unit will pay travel costs up to the sum of £250 a month.

Areas of Research

The projects that interns will be working on:

Those wishing to join our team should refer to the research currently undertaken (above) at the Unit and specify which area you might like to contribute to.

Application Procedures

Start date: 29th September 2014

To make an application please email with the following documents:

  • Your CV
  • A covering letter stating why you are a suitable candidate for an internship
  • The application form
  • A piece of work, for example a recent short essay.

*Note to students: Full-time masters students are not eligible for an internship at the Constitution Unit during their period of study. Part-time students are eligible at any point.

For more  information:


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