Computational Biology - Contacts


Computational Biology at UCL is overseen by the Computational Biology Steering Group. The group is composed of academics representing some of the founding departments of the community and meets regularly, to define community development and direction. To receive information about future developments in Computational Biology at UCL, please join the Computational Biology mailing list.


  • Academic contact: David Jones, Professor of Bioinformatics (UCL Computer Science and Institute of Structural & Molecular Biology) and Director of the Bloomsbury Centre for Bioinformatics.
  • Administrative contact: David Gregory, Computational Biology Research Facilitator, Research Computing (UCL Information Services Division).

Steering Group Members

Dr Buzz Baum - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology

Dr Jochen Blumberger - Department of Physics and Astronomy

Professor Peter Coveney - UCL Centre for Computational Science

Professor Tom Duke - London Centre For Nanotechnology

Professor David Hawkes - UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing

Professor David Jones - Bloomsbury Centre for Bioinformatics - Chair

Professor Angelos Michaelides - London Centre For Nanotechnology

Dr David Murrell - Genetics Evolution & Environment

Professor Christine Orengo - Institute of Structural & Molecular Biology

Professor Angus Silver - UCL Neuroscience