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Computational Biology is part of the Computational Life and Medical Sciences network (CLMS).The principal missionĀ of the Computational Life and Medical Sciences Network is to make UCL a world-leader in computational science applied to biology and medicine.


Computational Biology research at UCL is carried out by more than 20 internationally recognised research groups, spanning a wide range of sub-disciplines, such as: protein structure prediction, modelling and classification, genomic and transcriptomic data analysis, statistical genetics, computational neuroscience, medical imaging, bionanotechnology and systems biology.

Research is firmly focused on delivering tools and analysis which address global biomedical research questions. This is reflected in the large number of collaborative projects researching themes such as stem cells, cancer, cardiovascular genetics, perception and relief of pain, childhood diseases, HIV and immunology.

Town Meeting

A Town meeting for Computational Biology was held on 26 January 2010 at 5:30pm. This meeting represented the founding of the Computational Biology community at UCL. The programme for the meeting is available here. Slides presented at the meeting are available below as .pdf files:

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  1. A computational perspective on what proteins do and how they do it. Christine Orengo, Professor of Bioinformatics, UCL Structural & Molecular Biology.
  2. Statistical and computational challenges in genetics and evolution. Ziheng Yang, Professor of Statistical Genetics, UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment.
  3. From genes to cells to tissues. Dr Buzz Baum, Royal Society Research Fellow and Reader in Developmental & Cancer Cell Biology, UCL Cell & Developmental Biology.
  4. Modelling neurons and networks: Tools and results. Angus Silver, Professor of Neuroscience and Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, UCL Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology.
  5. Dynamical models of brain interactions. Dr Will Penny, Senior Research Fellow, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, UCL Institute of Neurology.
  6. From molecule to man: The Virtual Physiological Human and computational biology. Peter Coveney, Professor in Physical Chemistry, UCL Chemistry; Honorary Professor, UCL Computer Science; Director of the UCL Centre for Computational Science and Executive Committee Member of the Institute of Structural & Molecular Biology.
  7. Simulation of the structure and function of biomolecules. Dr Jochen Blumberger, Royal Society University Research Fellow, UCL Physics & Astronomy.