Symposium Programme

Session 1

9.15-9.30am. Professor Mary Collins, Dean of Life Sciences. Opening remarks.
Professor Steve Oliver, Cambridge. Keynote. 'Design rules' for a simple Eukaryote.' (7)
Professor Christine Orengo. 'Mining evolutionary, genomic and experimental data to find the hidden hubs in protein networks.' (52)
Dr Domenico Cozzetto. 'Integrating multiple data sources for protein function prediction.' (77)

Session 2

11.45am–12.15pm. Professor Peter Hammond. 'Analysing the effect of genes on face shape.'
Professor Angus Silver. 'Exploring neuronal signaling with a combined optical and computational approach (tbc).' (25)
Dr Malcolm Finlay MRCP. 'Patient-specific predictive modelling of interactions between Conduction Velocity and Activation-Repolarization Interval Restitution.' (55)

Session 3

2.15–2.45pm. Professor Sally Price. 'Computational Prediction of Pharmaceutical Crystal Structures - a severe test of modelling supramolecular assembly.'
Professor Mark Girolami. 'Predictive response-relevant clustering of expression data provides insights into disease processes.'
Nuno Nene. 'Cell fate decision in the paradigmatic stochastic genetic switch with external stimulation: the importance of bifurcation parameter sweeping speed.' (20)

Session 4

4.15–4.45pm. Professor Mark Thomas. 'The origins of milk drinking in Europe.'
Professor David Balding. 'ABC for Computational Biology.' (29)
Closing Remarks. (54)


6.00pm. Reception with poster session in North Cloisters (click to see images from the Reception).

Symposium Launch Poster

Lecturecasts of the Symposium Presentations

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Note that the presentation given by Professor Sally Price is only available as slides, owing to the lack of sound on this lecturecast.

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