Departmental Research Posters

Department of Computer Science and Computational & Systems Medicine.

Querying distributed cancer databases using domain concepts
Alejandra González Beltrán, Ben Tagger & Anthony Finkelstein

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Towards a reporting structure for cancer therapy experiments
Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran,
May Yong & Richard Begent

Cancer Therapy

Department of Genetics, Evolution & Environment

Spatial aggregation can be used as a marker for ecosystem change
Anton J. Flügge, David J. Murrell & Sofia C. Olhede

Spatial Aggregation

UCL Genomics and UCL Cancer Institute

Analysis of exome sequencing data using the UCL Legion cluster
Francesco Lescai & Elia Stupka

Exome Sequencing

Centre for Cardivascular Genetics

Bringing Gene Ontology to Cardiovascular Research
Ruth Lovering, Varsha Khodiyar, Tony Sawford, Emily Dimmer, Pete Scambler, Mike Hubank, Rolf Apweiler & Philippa Talmud

Gene Ontology

Centre for Computational Science

Biological and Biomedicine Research Highlights
David Wright, Maiki Cwiok, Shunzhou Wan, Hugh Martin, Rupert Nash, Hywel Carver, Gary Doctors & Peter Coveney

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Physics & Astronomy

Thermodynamics of electron flow in the bacterial decaheme cytochrome MtrF
Breuer M., Zarzycki P. P., Rosso K. M. & Blumberger J

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Calculation of gas diffusion rates in the [NiFe]-hydrogenases
Po-hung Wang, Robert B. Best & Jochen Blumberger

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Alpha-helical transmembrane protein fold prediction using residue contacts
Timothy Nugent & David Jones

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Transmembrane Protein Topology Prediction Using Support Vector Machines
Tim Nugent & David Jones

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