Computational Biology

Computational Biology - Departments


As part of its vision to promote world-class interdisciplinary research to tackle Grand Challenges such as Global Health, UCL has created a number of research centres and institutes. The principal centres in computational biology are given below, which together form the UCL Computational Biology community.

Computational Biology at UCL encompasses a broad range of disciplines and represents many research initiatives of world-class excellence. The community facilitates greater collaborate, to further research in this rapidly expanding area. Each name is linked to the respective web-site.

Department Cloud Map London Centre For NanotechnologyUCL ComplexGenetics Evolution & EnvironmentUCL Centre for Computational Statistics & Machine LearningUCL Systems BiologyUCL Cancer InstituteBloomsbury Centre for BioinformaticsThe R. A. Fisher Centre for Computational BiologyMRC Laboratory of Molecular Cell BiologyInstitute of Structural & Molecular BiologyUCL Centre for Medical Image ComputingUCL NeuroscienceUCL Physics and AstronomyUCL GenomicsThe Gatsby Computational Neuroscience UnitUCL Genetics InstituteUCL Centre for Computational Science  The Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit