Penalties for Late or Over-length Submission of Coursework

CoMPLEX adheres to the UCL regulations regarding the late submission of coursework and over-length coursework.

Late Submission

These penalties apply to all Case Presentations, Transferable Skills and Summer Project work.

The mark will be reduced by 5 percentage marks for the first 24 hours (working day) after the deadline. The mark will be reduced by a further 10 percentage marks if the coursework is submitted during the following six days. Coursework received more than seven days after the deadline will receive a mark of zero.

Where there are extenuating circumstances that have been recognized by the Board of Examiners, these penalties will not apply until the agreed extension period has been exceeded. A form must be completed to document extenuating circumstances, along with corresponding evidence; you should notify the Centre Administrator and submit the form at the time of or as soon as possible after the incidence of the circumstances concerned, and in any case no later than seven days after the deadline for the affected assessment.

Students are expected to plan their time sensibly, and take appropriate precautions to back-up and safe-guard their work. In most cases, computer failures, virus infections or similar will therefore not be regarded as an extenuating circumstance.

Over-length Coursework

You must strictly adhere to the word count limit set for each element of assessed work; this is a maximum of 5,000 words for Case Presentations and 15,000 words for the Summer Project. This will avoid including extraneous information; it is also good practice for journal writing, for example.

Assessed work with a stated word count above the prescribed word count will not be accepted for submission, but will be immediately returned with instructions to reduce the word count. The work may then be resubmitted but the original deadline for submission still applies and penalties for late submission will be applied as above.

If submitted coursework does exceed the word limit but by less than 10%, the mark will be reduced by 10 percentage marks; but the penalised mark will not be reduced below the pass mark, assuming the work merited a pass. For work that exceeds the word limit by 10% or more, a mark of zero will be recorded.

The word count does not include figures, tables, displayed equations or references. If you’ve produced material that cannot be compressed into the word limit, we suggest that the best of the material is put into the report, and any additional material can be placed into an appendix. Please note that marks will not take the appendix into account, but this gives you the opportunity to archive any additional work you have done.

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