Reflective Essay Guidelines

This essay, which is evaluated as part of the generic skills module, gives you an opportunity to reflect on your experience of the MRes year. Bear in mind that the aim of the MRes year is to expose you to, and give you some experience of being actively engaged in, a wide range of potential research areas so that you will be well-equipped to make your choice of PhD topic. What were the strengths and what were the weaknesses of the year from your point of view?  For example, were there aspects of the course that were under- or over-represented? Do you feel that the year has succeeded in its aim - are you confident that you are in a position to make an informed choice of PhD topic? We are not interested in hearing that all aspects of the course other than those which relate specifically on your choice of PhD topic were a waste of time from your point of view! That is not the spirit of the MRes that we aim to foster, and we will have failed if you leave the year with that attitude. 

By all means be critical if you wish, but be constructive.  We take constructive suggestions seriously, and will act on them to improve the student experience if we can. 

The essay should be between one and two sides of A4, so keep your comments focused.

Download: Reflective Essay Guidelines (pdf)

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