MRes Attendance Policy

Attendance at all courses, seminars and Case Presentations are compulsory.
Events, such as Cumberland Lodge and the CoMPLEX Annual Conference, are also

We want you to get the most out of the year and therefore your attendance will
be monitored; at lectures you will be required to swipe your student ID card on a
designated card reader. If you cannot attend due to illness or an emergency then
you must contact the Assistant Administrator giving the reason for non-attendance.
If you miss 3 lectures without giving a suitable reason, you will be asked to meet the
MRes Course Director(s) to discuss why this is happening and to bring any issues to
resolution. Continued non-attendance will result in further meetings with the Course
Directors or the CoMPLEX Director. If there is no valid reason for non-attendance,
any reference you receive from CoMPLEX will include information about this, if this is

Further to this, you must make sure you are on time to all lectures. CoMPLEX
lecturers give up their time to teach and it is respectful to ensure you are seated
in the seminar room before the lecture start time. Sometimes there are transport
problems and other unexpected delays, but we expect you to try and counteract
this, as much as possible, by leaving at an earlier time than necessary. Again, if you
are consistently late, this will result in a meeting with the MRes Course Directors.

CoMPLEX provides a supportive environment for all students, so we would
encourage you to speak with the Centre Administrator in the first instance, if there
are extenuating circumstances that may affect your attendance for a period of time.

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