Post-doctoral Research Fellowships

This area contains a list of post-doctoral Fellowships for students from CoMPLEX and those wishing to join CoMPLEX. Many of the Fellowships are open to any nationality. Please check their corresponding web sites for closing dates. As web links quickly become out of date, please let us know if links don't correspond to the correct site.

The Fellowships have been organised into the following groups: 

  4. OTHER


Special training fellowship in biomedical informatics (computational biology, neuroinformatics and health informatics)
Awarded at post-doctoral entry level only. The fellowships are aimed at those with non-biological, biological, non-clinical or clinical backgrounds who wish to undertake training and research in biomedical informatics. All proposals must include a well-specified formal training element in addition to a research project. Please see fellowship deadlines dates for application deadlines.

MRC/ESRC Interdisciplinary post-doctoral fellowships
Open to clinical researchers, non-clinical researchers, allied health professional researchers and social scientists who have recently obtained PhDs in a social or medical science or expect to have received such a doctorate by the time they intend to take up the award. Proposals must address the interests of both the ESRC and the MRC and must be genuinely interdisciplinary in approach. Please see fellowship deadlines dates for application deadlines.

Methodology research fellowship
Part of MRC's renewed commitment to methods development research aimed at developing the methodological research leaders of tomorrow. This award should enable researchers to move from post-doctoral scientist to an independent researcher in their chosen research field. The scheme is aimed at researchers with a grounding in health research, not necessarily in a methodological discipline. Please see the schedule and deadlines for fellowships web page for closing dates.

Leverhulme Trust – Study Abroad Studentships
Opportunity for current or recently completed doctoral students to spend 12 to 24 months overseas, open to all areas of science. These support an extended period of advanced study or research at a centre of learning in any overseas country, with the exception of the USA.

Closing date: 10th January 2011

EPSRC PhD Plus Award
UCL participates in the EPSRC PhD+ scheme, which supports the award of a number of research fellowships of up to one year's duration. This scheme allows students to advance their PhD research as fellows. Salary + research costs. Commercial, product or health-care outcomes may be favoured. You must have received EPSRC PhD funding prior to the award.
Period: one year

Deadline: to be announced

EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
EPSRC offers Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in theoretical physics, mathematical sciences and cross-disciplinary interfaces to enable the most talented new researchers to establish an independent research career shortly after completing a PhD. The awards are for a period of up to three years and cover the salary costs of the Fellow, reasonable consumables, travel and subsistence. Applicants are encouraged to take the opportunity to gain a wider research experience by changing host organisations and to demonstrate very clearly their ability to operate as independent researchers. Postdoctoral fellowships can only be held at UK universities and applications to be held at research council institutes and independent research organisations will not be accepted.
Period: Up to three years

Deadline: to be announced

BHF Advanced Training Award
Purpose: To provide younger researchers within one year of submitting a PhD with an opportunity to re-train and gain additional expertise in an established research institution in the UK. Candidates must be moving into a different field of science (e.g. from cell biology to bioinformatics or entering cardiovascular science from a different discipline).  Covers salary + <£10k for research. Apply within 1 year of submitting a PhD.   
Period: 2 or 3 years

Deadline: No closing date, decisions will be made within 4 months of submission.

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship “provide a unique opportunity for the most promising newly qualified postdoctoral researchers”. You must be in the final year of your PhD studies or have no more than one year of postdoctoral research experience from the date of your PhD viva to the full application submission deadline. Any nationality may apply.
Period: 4 years   

Deadline: To Be Announced

L'Oreal Fellowships for Women in Science
Women In Science Fellowship Programme for women scientists at postdoctoral level to enable and/or facilitate promising scientific research in the life or physical sciences. Four Fellowships were awarded in 2010 to outstanding female postdoctoral scientists to assist them with their research. The Fellowships, each worth £15,000 (equivalent € for candidates in Ireland), are tenable at any UK or Irish university or research institute to support a 12-month period of research.
Period: one year

Deadline: to be announced

Generally these awards of for scientists with some post-doctoral experience.

BBSRC David Phillips Fellowships are aimed at scientists with 2-6 years of postdoctoral research experience who have demonstrated high potential, and who wish to establish themselves as independent researchers. Systems biology and discipline hopping encouraged. Any nationality may apply.
Period: 5 years

Deadline: To Be Announced

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships requirements: a PhD, typically 1-5 years postdoc experience. Any nationality may apply as NERC are keen to encourage movement from abroad to the UK.
“NERC is also particularly keen to attract scientists in areas of applied mathematics, physics or strongly quantitative disciplines wishing to develop a career in environmental science”
Period: 3 years

Deadline: to be announced

Postdoctoral Fellowships at the Life Sciences Interface to enable the most talented new researchers to establish an independent research career, shortly or immediately after completing a PhD. Potential candidates should have up to but no more than three years postdoctoral research experience by the start date of the fellowship.

EPSRC particularly welcomes applications in the following two research areas:
• Theoretical techniques for studying the complexity of biological systems
• The interface between Physics and the life sciences
The awards are for a period of up to three years and primarily cover the salary costs of the Fellow, travel and subsistence. Any nationality.

Multiple fellowships are available from EPSRC.

The MRC funds a range of fellowship award schemes for both clinical and non-clinical researchers. The MRC Fellowships Eligibility Checker should be used find out which fellowship is the most appropriate. Fellowships include the MRC Career Development Award, which provides up to five years' support for outstanding post-doctoral researchers who wish to consolidate their research skills and make the transition from post-doctoral research trainee to independent investigator. Special Training Fellowship in Biomedical Informatics and a wide range of other fellowships are available.

MRC Special Training Fellowship in Biomedical Informatics
This fellowships supports specialist multi-disciplinary training aimed at creating a research workforce able to take forward new developments in the fields of bioinformatics, neuroinformatics, health informatics and computational biology. The fellowship lasts for a period of four years and covers salary payable up to NHS consultant level, research training support costs, and all other relevant costs under full economic costs.

Closing date: to be announced

Royal Society
The Royal Society runs nineteen funding scheme. These are designed to enhance the UK science base and foster collaboration between UK-based and overseas scientists. Amongst the fellowships, the Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship scheme supports excellent scientists and engineers at an early stage of their career while the URF scheme is aimed at those at the mid-stage of their career. The Royal Society invites in particular female candidates to apply for an opportunity that is designed to help successful candidates to progress to permanent academic positions in the UK.   

Multiple fellowships are available from the Royal Society.

Wellcome Trust
A wide range of Fellowships and personal awards are available from Junior to Senior in the biomedical sciences. Fellowships are available in key areas such as; biomedical, clinical, veterinary and public health. Under each area, multiple fellowships exists, please check the relevant area for fellowships and deadlines.

Leverhulme Trust
Early Career Fellowships aim to provide career development opportunities for those who are at a relatively early stage of their academic careers but with a proven record of research. It is anticipated that a Fellowship will lead to a more permanent academic position. Applicants must be under the age of 35. Worth 50% of each Fellow's total salary costs. Must be supported by UCL.
Multiple fellowships exist for the trust, please see individual fellowship for details.
Period: 2-3 years


EU Marie Curie Fellowships
The Marie Curie grants are administered by the EU CORDIS website. Here you will find regularly posted fellowships. Deadlines and durations vary. Most of the fellowships require you to work within the EU, and can require you to move countries, into another member state of CORDIS.

EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization)
Long-Term Fellowships are awarded for prolonged visits (12 to 24 months) and are intended for advanced training through research. Maximum 3 years postdoctoral experience. All fellowships must involve movement between countries and one of those countries must be an EMBC Member State.
period: 2 years

Deadline: Feb 15, Aug 15 each year


HFSP (Human Frontier Science Program)
Postdoctoral Fellowships are available for scientists who wish to work in foreign laboratories, with emphasis on individuals early in their careers who wish to obtain training in a different field of research. period 3 years (last can be back in home country), max 3 years postdoctoral experience.
Cross-disciplinary fellowships are intended for postdoctoral fellows with a Ph.D. degree in the physical sciences, chemistry, mathematics, engineering and computer sciences who wish to receive training in biology. Same conditions as above.

Deadline: to be announced

RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS: The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851
The Fellowships are open to candidates in any of the physical or biological sciences, in mathematics, in applied science, or in any branch of engineering. Candidates in science subjects should normally have recently obtained their PhD degree, or be in the final stages of their PhD studies. Citizen of the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth, Republic of Ireland and Pakistan.
Deadline: to be announced


JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

Nominations through Royal Society: Applications for this scheme can only be submitted online on the Royal Society’s e-GAP system:
Applicants must hold a doctorate degree when the Fellowship goes into effect.Scientists in the final year of their PhD can submit an application. If successful, the award will only be given subject to the confirmation of his/her PhD at the time when the award is taken up.
Applicants must be UK nationals or permanent residents at the time of application. Candidates for the fellowship programme should identify and contact a Japanese host scientist who is willing to support their fellowship; substantial contact between host and applicant prior to the application is essential. This contact should lead to a clearly defined and mutually-beneficial research proposal.
Period: up to 2 year (long-term)

Deadline: to be announced

The Omidyar Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Santa Fe Institute (USA)

The Fellowship offers unparalleled intellectual freedom, transdisciplinary collaboration with leading researchers worldwide, up to three years in residence in Santa Fe (New Mexcio, USA), discretionary research and collaboration funds, individualised mentorship and preparation for your next leadership role and an intimate, creative work environment with an expansive sky. The Omidyar Fellowship at the Santa Fe Institute is unique among postdoctoral appointments. The Institute has no formal programs or departments. Research is collaborative and spans the physical, natural, and social sciences. Most research is theoretical and/or computational in nature, although it may include an empirical component. SFI typically has 15 Omidyar Fellows and postdoctoral researchers, 15 resident faculty, 95 external faculty, and 250 visitors per year.

Requirements: a Ph.D. in any discipline (or expect to receive one by September 2011), computational and quantitative skills, an exemplary academic record, a proven ability to work independently and collaboratively, a demonstrated interest in multidisciplinary research and evidence of the ability to think outside traditional paradigms. Applications are welcome from candidates from any country, candidates from any discipline, women and minorities (as they are especially encouraged to apply).

Deadline:   to be announced

see many of the above

Newton Fellowship
The Newton International Fellowship scheme will select the very best early stage post-doctoral researchers from all over the world, and offer support for two years at UK research institutions. period 2 years (+10 years research money). Applicants should have completed a PhD and have held no more than 1 or 2 postdoctoral positions, or equivalent experience at a comparable level.
Applicants in the final stages of their PhD will be accepted. Applicants should be working outside the UK and should not hold UK citizenship at the time of application. Researchers already based in the UK are not eligible to apply.

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