Dr. Paul Kirkby

Paul's researh focused on extending the parallelism and speed of instruments for stimulating and monitoring live networks of neurons (Supervisors: Prof Angus Silver and Dr. Peter Török). About his work, he comments that: 

"For my PhD, I have contributed to the design and development of a new high speed random access 2-photon microscope. The objective of the microscope is to enable the signals between many neurons in a piece of brain tissue to be monitored in parallel at kHz rates to help in understanding the mysteries of neuronal networks.

This is a projection of the first 3D image of a neuron from the new microscope. We use acousto-optic crystals to deflect and focus light the microscope can, for the first time, refocus anywhere in a 100 micron cube of brain tissue at 30kHz, 300 times faster than possible with mechanical means."

This image was taken by one of the biologists in the lab, Tomas Fernandez-Alfonso, illustrating the interdisciplinary nature of the work.

Paul, along with top UCL scientists from the fields of Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology, have recently published details of their groundbreaking 3D 2-photon microscope technology, which has many potential applications in biology. In conventional optical microscopes, focusing is slow because it involves physically moving the objective lens. .

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