Dr. Trevor Graham

During his time in CoMPLEX Trevor did research on tumour pathways, the sequence of genetic mutations and cell growth underlying tumourigeneis. Knowledge of tumour pathways is clinically useful for tumour detection, treatment and even prevention. Knowing which mutations usually occur early, or promote tumour development, means that anti-tumour drugs or preventative medicines that target these mutations can be developed. Trevor did research on determining common tumour pathways.

Trevor used mathematical modelling to investigate whether MSI-L exists. He developed a model that mimics the process of microsatellite mutation and the supposed effect of the MSI-L gene. He then compared the model to data from human tumours suspected of having MSI-L, and developed techniques to select the most plausible set of parameters. This selected model represents the most likely sequence of events that formed the tumour. Analysing this model shows if and when MSI-L was acquired.

Trevor is now a postdoctoral research fellow in Nick Wright's Histopathology Unit at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute.

Trevor’s homepage: http://nottrevorgraham.googlepages.com/home

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