Dr. Will Fletcher

Will obtained the level of PhD with his work on Computational statistics in molecular phylogenetics. (Supervisors: Prof. Ziheng Yang and Dr. Hilde Wilkinson-Herbots). About his research, Will notes that:

"Technological advances have lead to the rapid accumulation of vast amounts of molecular biological data which researchers use to investigate evolution. Many methods aid researchers by aligning molecular sequences from different species, and then estimating evolutionary parameters and relationships from this aligned data. Assessing the efficacy of these procedures is difficult because true evolutionary relatedness (phylogenetics) and exact values for evolutionary parameters are rarely known with any certainty. Thus testing computational methods with synthetic data, produced under realistic conditions, is invaluable.

Evolution is known to occur by the processes of substitution, insertion and deletion.  However, the vast majority of computer programs only simulate evolution by substitution and with models that do not change.  My PhD is centred on deriving a new dynamic mathematical model of evolution that allows insertions and deletions, in addition to substitutions, and creating a computer program to implement simulations under this model."
Will Fletcher's research

Will's Webpage: http://abacus.gene.ucl.ac.uk/will

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