CoMPLEX Fellowship Report - Lorette Noiret

Location of Visit:

Prof. Thomas’s group at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research).

Institut de cancérologie Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France

Purpose of Visit:

I visited Prof. Thomas’ group to develop a model of renal ammonia handling. Prof. Thomas is one of the few modellers who specialises in renal physiology. His research notably mechanism by which the kidney concentrates urine. I went to visit his group to adapt one of his 2D-model of renal tubular transport to investigate renal ammonia handling. The objective was to evaluate whether increased arterial concentration of ammonia could trigger an increase in urinary excretion of ammonia. Before my visit, I had developed a simple model linking the arterial and renal venous ammonia levels. The possibility to describe the mechanism more accurately using Prof. Thomas’model while leaning new mathematical tools was therefore a great opportunity. Visiting Prof. Thomas’s group allowed me to reach a level of complexity in term of modelling I could not have achieved without his kind help. I am extremely grateful to Prof. Thomas and to CoMPLEX to have offered me this chance.

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